Big City Living: 9 Advantages of an Urban Life

Are you contemplating moving to a big city? Where you choose to live can have a HUGE impact on your lifestyle, career, and financial situation. Many people look to settle in urban neighborhoods for the hustle and bustle of metro life and the opportunities it holds– career-wise, in most cases. Be where the action is, as they always say!

So if you’re a townie getting ready to step it up and live an urban life, here are nine city life advantages you can look forward to!

Better job opportunities

In truth, a big city presents more job opportunities than in rural areas or in the countryside. Anything you’ve studied is virtually guaranteed to give you a career position that will best suit your educational background. So if you’re career-driven or on the hunt for a new job, urban life will work best.

Mass transportation

Arguably, unlimited access is the main perk of living in an urban center. The city’s comprehensive transportation systems offer a relatively quick and convenient solution to help you get from one point to another without ever needing a car (well, if you’re trying to avoid traffic, at least). Of course, it’s not a guarantee that every big city will come equipped with the latest and most convenient means of transport, but you’ll find that subways and buses are most common and well-organized in almost all cities.

If you prefer to drive, you’re still close to highway systems– another transportation perk of big city living.


Most, if not all, urban neighborhoods have a diverse population. It’s been that way ever since, and with a country as open to migrants as the U.S, you’re bound to find your own crew in every nook and cranny of the city.

Social Possibilities and Networking

With millions of people living nearby, you’re sure to have unlimited social potential to build lasting friendships and a strong network. In a smaller town or rural area, you may have to plan and drive for miles just to meet up with someone (not exaggerating, depending on where you live). Having said this, urban living offers a chance to broaden both professional and personal relationships!

Health Care Services

In general, rural areas don’t have the kind of facilities and resources for proper medical care compared to the big city– especially if you live in remote regions. Living in an urbanized area lessens that disadvantage to a higher degree.

Big City Convenience

Big grocery stores, top-of-the-line shopping malls, and world-class restaurants are some of the big-city amenities urban residents enjoy daily. Of course, rural areas also have their fair share of entertainment options, but living in the urban center gives you more availability.

Money-Saving Options

While living in the city can be expensive, especially housing, urban environments offer other opportunities to save money. Cities often offer free education, entertainment, and other options for their residents. Knowledge is power, so keep an eye on the local news to hear about these programs.

Potentially Higher Credit Score Earlier in Life

City living could help you naturally strengthen your credit score, even earlier in life. More debt (that you can handle!) equals more opportunities for strong payment histories and credit mixes.

Flexible Rent

Living costs vary dramatically depending on where you live, but renting, especially if you live in a big city, tends to be more flexible compared to the overall costs of homeownership. Of course, owning a home is a much-preferred way of living, but if you’re unable to shell out enough money to own one just yet, big-city renting is a great and flexible option for housing when you’re in an urban area.

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