August 3: 9 Decor Tips for a Family-Friendly Living Room

If you grew up in a house with a living room adorned with delicate glass figurines, silk upholstery stretched taut on the uncomfortable armchairs, and a pristine white carpet vacuumed weekly, we’re sure you were forbidden to set foot in that room. Of course, that goes the same with everyone in the house.

If you have an active family with very young kids, you know that’s a decorating DON’T!

On the other hand, it’s highly unlikely you’ll want to throw your hands up and live in a home that resembles a day-care center. So, the only solution is to stay in a middle ground: a comfortable, attractive, and even sophisticated abode that can withstand just about everything kids dish out.

Here are nine simple tips to achieve a family-friendly living area.

Choose the right fabrics

Neutral furniture will always be a smart choice for the base of a living room. Layering throw pillows in different textures and colors will complete that stylish space for the whole family. Of course, fabrics that are nubby or woven will more likely hide stains and smudges than smooth flat upholstery, so go for those kinds of fabric.

Make furniture work for the family

Look for furniture that can double as storage. Doing so will ensure quick clean-up options to maintain a clutter-free and stylish living room. As a family with young kids, extra storage is always welcome, so be more practical in choosing your living room pieces.

Create a cheery space

Cheerful colors evoke a fun, kid-friendly atmosphere, so make sure to include bright hues in your living area. It could be a brightly colored sofa, a striped area rug, or even just a few floral pillows! Aim for a family space that serves multiple functions: a place for kids to create art and play, a home office, and a spot to relax as a family.

Make sure it can all be washed

We know putting white sofas in the family room can become a drag, especially with kids around. But, with some slipcovers (and maybe a few extra throws that can easily be washed), your dream of putting white and neutral upholstery for your furniture can finally come true!

Include play areas

Incorporate flat surfaces in your living room as a kid-level play surface. Always remember that your family area should have a dedicated space for your little ones, so toys and trinkets will all be in one place, and the living room won’t look too messy.

Aim for multifunctional spaces

Make the most of the space you have. Put in hooks for coats, baskets for out of sight storage, and shelves for shoes to keep your living room looking spacious and tidy.

Open is always good

Open-concept living spaces have developed a following over the years– both for entertaining and making the task of keeping an eye on the kids easier. If your budget allows it, go for an open living space to achieve a no-fuss look for your living room and your home, in general.

Don’t be afraid to display your kids’ artwork

Showcasing your child’s artwork will bring a personal touch to your living room. Let your little one’s masterpiece shine, and put those framed artworks on your walls. Not only will your home look more inviting and homey, but it will also encourage your child to be more creative and confident with their creations too!

Choose indestructible pieces

When it comes to decorating your family room, sacrificing style is a no-no, but do consider how you’ll feel if something gets torn or ruined. To create a space made for living, choose pieces that can stand dirty feet and layers of pet fur. It’s also a good idea to avoid anything that will break your heart when they need replacing.

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