June 2: 9 Simple Tips to Start the New Month Strong

Almost everyone aims to start the new year with a “clean slate” feeling, but creating a mini-version of this tradition at the beginning of each month is actually not a bad idea. Yeah, it may not have quite the same ring, but no one can deny that the first of the month, every month, is the perfect time to organize your life and create a few goals for the four weeks ahead.

Offer yourself a moment to pause, assess, and reset your life– when you don’t like how things are going or even when you do. The new month is the perfect time to get everything done the way you envisioned it to be, so read on for our nine simple tips to get the best out of June as soon as “day one” rolls around.

Do your food inventory and plan your food menus ahead

If you feel like your current culinary affairs are not going in your favor, then now’s the perfect time to change it by planning everything ahead. Set an inventory for your pantry at the beginning of the month to check if all your staples, seasonal foods, and foods that push you to achieve healthy cooking or food-related goals are complete. After doing so, you’ll know all the things you need to add to your grocery list and get to shopping!

Check your closet and edit out the clothes that no longer serve you

Most people feel afraid to be brutally honest about what you wear, but now is not the time to let your feelings take over! Check your closet at the start of each month and edit out the clothes you rarely use. You can choose to donate them or put them up for sale. Meanwhile, whatever’s left, you can show some love! Take inventory of what needs to be repaired, replaced, or taken to the cleaners– these tasks often get overlooked, but doing so will help you maintain your wardrobe and keep your favorite clothes in great condition.

Take control of your money situation

May this serve as a reminder to always keep your finances under control. The new month is a chance for you to create a budget that will work out best for your money situation– and keep you from overspending because of your lack of organization! Avoid purchasing multiples or paying late fees and use the first of the month to re-group!

Organize your bills

Yes, folks, the start of June is also a chance for you to get on top of your financial obligations ASAP! Spend a few minutes to run through your outstanding bills and allow yourself to be free from the stress of having to remember various payment schedules. Lay all your bills out in a spreadsheet and schedule your payments, even if they’re not due yet.

Set the right goals

If you’re feeling up for it, create a little practice where you sit down and acknowledge all the things you’re grateful for. Doing so will help you look towards the month ahead and manifest the goals you’d like to achieve. Attract more positive opportunities your way by staying hopeful and grateful– set the right goals, and you’ll be rewarded sooner than you’d expect!

Let go of your past worries

While we can’t always forget the past and nothing about the new month will make all your problems go away, you can use this time to reflect and move forward. Leave your baggage behind and start anew! Sometimes, viewing the new month as an opportunity to start over really helps.

Give your home a once over

Most people probably tidy up their place a little each day, but we can’t deny that the start of the month gives us the hype we need to give everything a true once over. Cleaning your home should be considered as clearing your mind and getting it ready to achieve new personal goals. Declutter all non-essentials before starting the main cleaning process and feel more peaceful and cozy at the end.

Assess your body (and your health!)

A busy schedule can make it easy to push your health aside, and you may even be surging forth through the months without so much as a checkup! Well, time to change that bad habit! Take a moment to pause and weigh in on your health– assess your body, your needs, and any appointments you need to do to ensure your health and well-being. Follow through and make changes where necessary.

Start making it happen

Whatever you need to do to make everything happen, get ready to do it. Take a glance at what’s to come in the month ahead and save yourself from scrambling last minute with a monthly to-do list. If you start early, you’ll have an organized, successful, and extra fulfilling June!

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