9 Fun Hobbies and Activities for You and Your AU-some Child

April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day, an internationally recognized day to make more people understand and accept people with Autism, foster worldwide support, and inspire change in how the public views persons with disabilities, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Today, we shine the spotlight on Au-some parent-child (or children!) tandems who, despite the difficulties they encounter every day, continue to soldier on life as it comes.

As we all know, the life of a parent is a whirlwind of challenges and responsibilities. But, for ASD moms and dads, it can be twice as hard. And whether your child with Autism is on the mild or severe end of the spectrum, many “ordinary” childhood activities can be extra challenging, as it can be hard to work around sensory issues, social and communication challenges, and a preference for repetition and routine.

To take some weight off your shoulders, here are some fun hobbies and activities you can try with your Au-some kid this weekend! These are some of the most popular activities shared by autistic children and their families, and these ideas might be just what you need to help start your creative juices flowing.


Do you know those colorful bunch of plastic building bricks? Yeah, they could turn into a full-scale, international artistic and scientific medium for anyone, most especially for your au-some Lego fan! Buy some blueprints and diagrams and start building. You can create your own cities, watch Lego movies, go to Lego conventions, or even compete! Yes, the possibilities are endless!


Memorizing train numbers, schedules, and specs may be weird for some, but in Britain, train spotting is a time-honored activity! If your child shows any interest in learning about trains, this may be just the perfect hobby!

Explore train museums or watch train-related videos with your au-some kid. You can also read some train-related books together, visit model layouts, join a modeling club and build model trains together!

Anime anything

Did you know that a large number of people on the spectrum love anime? The complex and much-beloved form of Japanese animation is everywhere, and you watch, read, and even draw anime with your child!

Create an anime of your own on the computer, go to an anime convention in costume, and find anime clubs you can both join!


Water activities are always fun, and if your au-some little one enjoys swimming, it can be something to keep him preoccupied on the weekends! While some people learn strokes, join swim teams, or become lap swimmers, many just love to dive underwater and have a good time. Determine which of the two best fits your child and show support in his interest!

Video Games

Video games aren’t just for kids as they come in different levels of difficulty and complexity. If your au-some child enjoys playing one, there’s no reason for you not to join in and take part in the fun. It’s time to stop assuming that you’re not wanted or that the games are too hard for you to learn– take some time to understand the game, ask questions, and get involved. If your child is just starting out, stay with simple games for now.

Hiking and Walking

Though most Au-some people are rarely good at team sports, they have a lot of physical energy and stamina. So if your child falls into this category, you may want to consider hiking and walking activities. Grab this great opportunity to get exercise and spend time together– you can also bring along a pair of binoculars for some bird watching, train spotting, or star-gazing on the side!

Building and DIYs

People with Autism are usually very good at building and taking apart devices, and it’s a prized skill in the “maker” community. Encourage your child to hone his talent by doing some DIY and building projects at home. Your child may only be a beginner maker, but his/her skills can be an au-some way to get started.


Many people with Autism have a knack for solving jigsaws and similar puzzles, and it’s actually a popular hobby that you can share in your home alone, with a group, or as a club. Buy a few and make it a weekend bonding activity with your child.


If your child loves animals, consider sharing that interest through some outdoor activities like horseback riding, pet care, volunteering at nature centers, fostering, joining 4-H, or working at a local farm! Taking care of animals is both fun and educational, and it’ll keep your au-some one busy for sure!

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Today is World Autism Awareness Day🎨, and it’s time to shine the spotlight on Au-some parent-child (or children!) tandems👨‍👩‍👧 who continue to soldier on life as it comes.💪 You’re awesome, indeed!💯

Strengthen that unspoken bond with your au-some child❤️ with these nine fun hobbies and activities👍– these are some of the most popular activities shared by autistic children and their families, and these ideas 💡might be just what you need for fun and exciting weekends! 😍

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