9 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Home

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It’s time to don that cute St. Paddy’s Day outfit you’ve been hiding at the back of your closet and break out all the green you have in the house!

While different cities have started to roll out St. Patty’s Day activities and events last weekend, it’s still quite normal to feel uneasy about celebrating with a crowd. After all, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, and there’s nothing wrong with practicing a little bit of social distancing if it means keeping your family safe.

Let’s keep things a bit more intimate with a D-I-Y St. Paddy’s Day celebration at the comforts of our homes! To give you an idea, here are nine ways to get the entire family in the spirit of the holiday! Best of all, these fun activities might just bring you the luck of the Irish!

Put some Irish music on

Irish traditional music is a unique and festive type of folk music, and it might be the kind of jam you’ll need to get you through the day, especially on St. Patrick’s Day! Create a playlist of the best Irish songs, both traditional and current, and include songs from world-renowned artists who are Irish! Did you know that U2, The Cranberries, Snow Patrol, Enya, and Hozier are Irish? Well, now that you do, your music options are endless!

Plan a scavenger hunt for the kids

Do you want to keep your kids busy while you work through some household chores this holiday? Set up a scavenger hunt inside your home! Hide some D-I-Y gold coins around the house, or use printable shamrocks with clues and hide it in corresponding places. Prepare a small treat or treasure for the winner at the end of the hunt!

Organize a simple costume contest

We all know that wearing green is a must on this special day, but we can take things to the next level and have a simple costume contest for the fam! Break out the leprechaun hats and organize a friendly contest to see who’ll have the most festive (and most creative!) St. Paddy’s Day outfit!

Cook an Irish-inspired spread for brunch

Staying at home to cook is probably the cheapest way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, especially since most Irish dishes aren’t too complicated to make! Create your versions of popular traditional Irish food, like Irish stew, Reuben sandwiches, and a Cabbage Casserole for brunch!

Not a fan of cooking? Try your hand at baking Irish goodies instead! Let your kids help you out with decorating the cookies for some quality bonding!

Have a St. Patrick’s Day craft session with the family

Most, if not all, kids are fond of mini-craft sessions, so get your children into the spirit by spending the day making St. Paddy’s kid-friendly crafts! Start with some lucky banners, a rainbow pot of gold wreaths, or some St. Patrick’s Day-inspired table centerpieces decorated in green mason jars (go put in some flowers for an instant Spring effect!)! It’s going to be a memorable day for the kids, for sure!

Play a St. Paddy’s game

Try your luck at shamrock bingo, rainbow coin toss, “Pin the Clover on the Leprechaun,” and all those other fun St. Patrick’s Day-themed games! Family-friendly games are always a fun treat, especially when you’ve got some great prizes prepared!

Watch an Irish movie

Since it’s a weeknight, staying up past your kids’ bedtime to celebrate may not be the smartest decision. So, to cap off the D-I-Y St. Patrick’s Day “party,” get the whole family together for a fun and cozy movie night featuring an Irish movie! Don’t forget the green matcha popcorn!

Watch virtual St. Patrick’s Day parades

If your family’s not into movie-bingeing, you can still have fun by finding a virtual parade to watch! While many in-person St. Patrick’s Day events have been postponed due to the pandemic, you can stream most of the ongoing celebrations online, so you’ll be able to attend one without compromising your safety!

Drink some Green beer

Now that the kids are asleep, you deserve a St. Patrick’s Day treat, too! Help yourself to some ice-cold beer (or two!), and make it green for the Irish holiday! Use a light-colored beer, like a pilsner or pale ale, and transfer it to a pint glass or mug. Add 3-5 drops of green food coloring to your beer, and you’re good to go!

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