Trendy VS. Classic: 9 Tips to Create a Timeless Home

If you’re the type of homeowner who lives to keep up with the latest home decor trends, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that the struggle is REAL since styles change every so often! Unless you have the budget to switch your home decor out every three years, a homeowner must know theContinue reading “Trendy VS. Classic: 9 Tips to Create a Timeless Home”

August 30: 9 Reasons Why Homeowners Prefer Open Floor Plans

Recently, open floor plans have become more popular, and for many homeowners, a preference when buying or building a new home. An open floor plan refers to two or more traditional spaces adjoined to create a vast, grand area. While in typical homes, these rooms are divided by a wall or door, the main objectiveContinue reading “August 30: 9 Reasons Why Homeowners Prefer Open Floor Plans”

August 26: The World’s 9 Best Fishing Destinations

We’re nearing the end of our second summer season amid a pandemic, and if you’re like us, we know you’re raring to brush the dust off your boat and take it out for a well-deserved fishing trip. Of course, if you’re a big fishing aficionado, you’ve also dreamt about traveling to a new fishing destinationContinue reading “August 26: The World’s 9 Best Fishing Destinations”

August 25: The Ideal Nighttime Routine

Getting enough zzz is vital to achieving a healthy lifestyle. And amid a pandemic, one may have more time for sleep, but most often than not, sleep quality takes a hit, thanks to the additional anxiety and stress from health worries, financial concerns, and other issues. Observing a nighttime routine can factor into sleep quality,Continue reading “August 25: The Ideal Nighttime Routine”

August 24: 9 Ways to Make Your Small Backyard Look Bigger

Not all homeowners are blessed enough to have a huge yard to work with, especially those who live in densely urbanized areas. While young people generally prefer apartments, condos, and smaller houses to save money on rent, having a yard, no matter how small it is, is important to families with growing children. Gardening isContinue reading “August 24: 9 Ways to Make Your Small Backyard Look Bigger”

August 23: The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Contractor

If you’re looking to do some minor repairs, touch-ups, or renovations to your home, or adding an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) onto it, hiring a professional contractor is essential to help you get the job done right and efficiently. Not only will doing so save you time and money, but it will also ensure thatContinue reading “August 23: The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Contractor”

August 20: 9 Tips for Holding a Weekend Garage Sale

We’re a few months into the summer season, and everyone is out and about, trying to get a nice walk-in or looking for something to do. So, if you’re planning to host a weekend garage sale, this season is the best time of the year to finally do it to clear up some space inContinue reading “August 20: 9 Tips for Holding a Weekend Garage Sale”

August 19: 9 Best Golf Courses in the World

Golf has, undoubtedly, gone a long way since its debut in Scotland in the 15th century. Now, you can say it’s a sport with a huge following worldwide, with no signs of stopping. Of course, determining the best golf courses in the world is a different story. It’s such a delicate question that even theContinue reading “August 19: 9 Best Golf Courses in the World”

August 18: 9 Tips on How to Declutter Your Mind

As a working parent, it’s not uncommon to feel like your brain is in serious overdrive. The stream of clutter can slowly turn your mental space into a chaotic mess, and if you’ve gotten to that point, it may mean that your mind is already waving a red flag, begging you to free up someContinue reading “August 18: 9 Tips on How to Declutter Your Mind”

August 17: 9 Ways to Transform Your Attic Space

If you’ve let your attic become a sad storage space for your junk and unwanted home stuff, we’ve received your SOS, and we’re here to help you out! Some homeowners see their attic as the most redundant part of the house, and that may be so. But with a little creativity, a colorful imagination, andContinue reading “August 17: 9 Ways to Transform Your Attic Space”