Nine Small Space Storage Solutions

Not everyone is fortunate to have wide, open spaces at their disposal. People living in tiny homes, studio apartments, or limited square footage know how hard it is to keep clutter at bay in a small living area, and minimizing the “stuff” just doesn’t make enough of an impact. Yeah, talk about living an interiorContinue reading “Nine Small Space Storage Solutions”

Set-Up The Perfect Reading Nook Inside Your Home

With our hectic, stressful schedules, a task-free afternoon or even just five minutes to breathe and recuperate is a luxury. And most of the time, creating spaces in our homes for peaceful activities like reading books, sweeping through stacks of magazines, or putting a clay mask on while meditating, can serve as reminders to takeContinue reading “Set-Up The Perfect Reading Nook Inside Your Home”

9 Types of Lighting Fixtures (and How to Use Them!)

Are you in the process of remodeling your home or want to change it up just a little? Lighting can be one of the most powerful ways to transform a space and its ambiance, which is why it’s so crucial that we understand the basics. First on the list is ambient lighting, also known asContinue reading “9 Types of Lighting Fixtures (and How to Use Them!)”

Nine Important Tips When Moving into a New Home

So, you just bought a new house– Congratulations! The ultimate challenge isn’t over just yet! There is a lot to consider when moving into a new house, let alone a new neighborhood. And while most people focus on moving steps like packing and unpacking to be the only hurdles standing in the way from aContinue reading “Nine Important Tips When Moving into a New Home”

9 Tips for a Safe Spring Break Travel

Who here is planning to travel this Spring break? Yeah, being cooped up for a year due to COVID has left many of us lusting for a chance to travel somewhere, and we mean, ANYWHERE! While the CDC discourages this “bold” move (because, of course, we are still in the middle of a pandemic!), theContinue reading “9 Tips for a Safe Spring Break Travel”

9 Helpful Tips in Choosing the Best Offer for Your Home

So you’ve just put your house up for sale, and a bunch of offers starts coming in. Sifting through each bid to get the best one may feel overwhelming, especially when there’s a possibility of a good deal slipping right through your fingers. If price were the only factor to consider, almost all sellers wouldContinue reading “9 Helpful Tips in Choosing the Best Offer for Your Home”

Home-Buying 101: 9 Types of Mortgages for Buyers and Refinancers

Finding the perfect home isn’t just the only factor homebuyers have to consider. Going with the right type of mortgage loan to pay for what may be the biggest financial decision of your life is just as critical (if not more). And with a full array of options to choose from, it can become veryContinue reading “Home-Buying 101: 9 Types of Mortgages for Buyers and Refinancers”

9 Spring Gardening Tips for the Weekend

Springtime is traditionally when many new flowers and bulbs emerge due to the slightly warmed up earth. And now that the weather has started to defrost, it’s the perfect time for eager home gardeners to get some preparation work in as early as possible, to reap abundant ‘rewards’ later on. Get your outside space inContinue reading “9 Spring Gardening Tips for the Weekend”

The World’s Top 9 Most Expensive Houses this 2021

For most, the word “home” evokes a sense of comfort, modesty, and familiarity. Size isn’t given as much thought as they soothe and secure we feel when we’re within the place we call “home.” But, for some of the richest people in the world, it’s quite the opposite. Who wouldn’t want a house of luxuryContinue reading “The World’s Top 9 Most Expensive Houses this 2021”

9 Ways To Give Your Living Room A Boho Vibe

Even with a plethora of interior design styles to explore, bohemian d├ęcor seems to be the one most homeowners gravitate to. The famous interior design style carries a certain vibe of coolness and maintains a relaxed ambiance with its vibrant colors, patterns, and textures, so it’s not surprising to see it hang-in-there for years. TheContinue reading “9 Ways To Give Your Living Room A Boho Vibe”