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9 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving 2021 at Home

Are you excited about Thanksgiving 2021? If you are and you’re thinking of hosting a special Thanksgiving celebration for your family and a few friends at home, we’ve got a few tips to make it a successful (and delicious) one! Check out our nine easy but helpful tips for the ultimate Thanksgiving shindig at home…

9 Most Common Real Estate Myths– Debunked!

With high-technology and online convenience within our midst, it’s not surprising that most people have been turning to the Internet for guidance in almost anything imaginable– even in buying and selling a home! The truckload of information swirling around out there can be, in fact, quite overwhelming, but have you ever asked yourself how much…

Spruce Up Your Home For Thanksgiving with these 9 Easy Tips

Everyone knows that the pinnacle of the Fall season is Thanksgiving. In fact, we bet planners everywhere have already started mapping out their tablescapes in their head, taking stock of mismatched dinnerware, and getting ready to clean out every nook and cranny of their houses as early as two months ago (no exaggeration there!). But,…


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