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9 Household Hacks to Save on Electricity

Mid-Spring is the start of rising temperatures, and if you’re looking to save money on your electric bill, a must for when we switch to warmer months (a.k.a summertime), you’ll need to tackle items in your home that are the biggest electricity hogs first! Of course, most homeowners may feel like it’s too time-consuming and…

9 No-Sweat Tricks to Make Buyers Fall In Love with Your Home

Are you looking for ways to “up” your chance of attracting more real estate seekers WITHOUT investing crazy amounts of time AND money in renovations? Yes, it’s possible, and we’re here to give you a couple of ways to do it! Check out nine minor changes you can make that will inspire lookers AND potential…

9 Tips to Dress Up Your Home for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is almost here, and most of you are ecstatic to celebrate this special day with friends and family amidst the beautiful outdoors, or with a party at home! While the prospect of getting together and eating the OG Memorial Day spread may be more than enough for some, if you’re looking to go…


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