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June 30: 9 Tips to a Summer-Ready Physique

Summer season is usually the time when most people trade in their big bag of chips for carrots and celery sticks, and frankly, who can blame them? Summertime is, indeed, a time for fun and the sun– for vacations, barbecues, parties, and drinking. And while there’s no problem in relishing these activities at this time…

June 29: 9 Must-Have Appliances to Make Your Home Summer-Ready

The brighter mornings will inevitably bring the temperature on an upward spiral. Yes, there’s no denying that summer is already here, and aside from staying completely hydrated 24/7, it’s time to get ready for a few months of hot and humid weather, too! Make your life easier by investing in these smart gadgets and appliances,…

June 28: 9 Common Reasons Why A Mortgage Loan is Denied

Applying for a home loan may be one of the most crucial steps in buying a home or building one of your own. The whole process involves a lot of research, time, wise decision making, and keeping required documents on hand– yes, it’s truly far from a walk in the park. Nevertheless, no matter however…


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