May 31: 9 Most Popular Types of Homes

Houses come in a full array of styles, and it’s the reason why it’s hard not to find them interesting to look at or dream about. And while owning a home remains the ultimate American dream, choosing the perfect home style for you and your family can become overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer!Continue reading “May 31: 9 Most Popular Types of Homes”

9 Helpful Tips for Spring Cleaning 2021

Is there anything more satisfying than coming home to a squeaky clean home? Yes, all that scrubbing and decluttering can be a bit time-consuming and overwhelming, not to mention energy-draining, but we’re one year into the pandemic, and a well-sanitized surrounding helps protect us from the threat of coronavirus. Now that the weather’s starting toContinue reading “9 Helpful Tips for Spring Cleaning 2021”

The 9 Most Luxurious Hotels in the World

Travelers looking to sample a life of champagne and caviar know that choosing a luxury hotel over your average, run-of-the-mill accommodation promises a five-star service and experience. These prominent hotels offer stunning architecture, world-class amenities, and fine dining fit for the elite, boasting a “heaven on earth” level of comfort that only those with anContinue reading “The 9 Most Luxurious Hotels in the World”

10 Tips on How to Child-Proof Your Home

Young children find their homes a familiar place of comfort, but in reality, certain items or areas around the house can also pose a risk to their safety. In fact, each year, more than a third of children’s traumatic injuries and deaths happen inside the home. And as parents, it’s our responsibility to prevent theseContinue reading “10 Tips on How to Child-Proof Your Home”

10 Important Features Today’s Homebuyers Look For in a Home

As the world continues to rebound and make small leaps amid the pandemic, the housing market redeems itself with its slow-but-steady, strong growth this 2021, most specifically for rents, home prices, and of course, housing sales. Yes, the pandemic has served as an obstacle for the industry, but it has also influenced the way buyersContinue reading “10 Important Features Today’s Homebuyers Look For in a Home”

Top 10 Most Picturesque National Parks in the World

The world is filled with natural wonders to behold, and though we may not be able to fulfill our yearning for travel these days, we can certainly dream and enjoy these stunning national parks and their landscapes virtually. And maybe, just maybe, we can layout those plans and finally get the chance to go–sooner thanContinue reading “Top 10 Most Picturesque National Parks in the World”

10 Inspiring Quotes to Lighten Up Your Mid-Week Mood

Finally, it’s mid-week! And if you’re finding yourself in need of a little positive reinforcement, we get you completely! With work and bills piling up, plus those chores waiting for you to get off work, it will, indeed, be an emotional rollercoaster! Yes, ladies and gents, life happens, and not without any speed bumps alongContinue reading “10 Inspiring Quotes to Lighten Up Your Mid-Week Mood”