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Nine Small Space Storage Solutions

Not everyone is fortunate to have wide, open spaces at their disposal. People living in tiny homes, studio apartments, or limited square footage know how hard it is to keep clutter at bay in a small living area, and minimizing the “stuff” just doesn’t make enough of an impact. Yeah, talk about living an interior…

Set-Up The Perfect Reading Nook Inside Your Home

With our hectic, stressful schedules, a task-free afternoon or even just five minutes to breathe and recuperate is a luxury. And most of the time, creating spaces in our homes for peaceful activities like reading books, sweeping through stacks of magazines, or putting a clay mask on while meditating, can serve as reminders to take…

9 Types of Lighting Fixtures (and How to Use Them!)

Are you in the process of remodeling your home or want to change it up just a little? Lighting can be one of the most powerful ways to transform a space and its ambiance, which is why it’s so crucial that we understand the basics. First on the list is ambient lighting, also known as…


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