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A Guide to Decorating a Minimalist Home

Give your home a once-over and look at all your accumulated furniture in each room carefully. Check the portraits hanging on the walls and decor that sit atop your tables. Do you like the aura of your house? Does everything REALLY need to be there? Sometimes we become too wrapped up in our daily lives…

9 Tips for Finding the Perfect Tenant

Most landlords don’t realize that the next biggest mistake they can make aside from investing in the wrong property (and the most common one) is choosing the WRONG tenants to live in it. If you don’t screen your tenants thoroughly, your life as a landlord (especially for first-timers) can be hell on earth. On the…

9 Healthy and Delicious Spring Recipes

Celebrate the beautiful new season and welcome its unfolding with a positive change in your way of eating! Crisp asparagus, tender spring greens, sprightly spring peas, earthy spring mushrooms, carrots, radishes, new potatoes, artichokes, tarragon, dill, strawberries, and rhubarb– all of these delicious and healthy vegetables and fruits will be coming into their peak flavor…


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