Welcome Autumn with Fun Family Activities

The leaves have started to change colors, which means you’ve made it to the best season of the year–at least in our opinion! And no, it’s not JUST about Halloween, which happens in the midseason. What makes Autumn a significant season is the endless amount of fun family fall activities you can enjoy–outdoors or in– for little to no money at all!

Yes, folks, your Autumn bucket list is here, and we’re excited for you to enjoy the new season! For starters, here are nine activities you can do with the family this Fall.

Plant your bulbs for Spring

If you’re planning to fill up your garden with wonderful greens this Spring, Fall is the best time to start planting those bulbs! It takes about six to eight weeks before a hard frost is expected (for tulip bulbs), so after the dreary winter swings by, you’ll have a yard brimming with beautiful flowers to greet you in the springtime!

Hop in the car for a Fall foliage drive

The fall foliage is always a gorgeous scene to warm you up every Autumn, and guess what? It’s free! Pack the family into the car and set off on a scenic drive for a memorable day of leaf peeping. Some of the most beautiful drives are in the Fall, so make sure to document every moment with a snap (or two).

Visit your nearest national park

Visiting a national park in the Fall usually means lesser crowds, so be sure to plan a quick trip to your nearby national park to watch the leaves change color and enjoy the cold weather outdoors. There’s nothing like beating the summer crowds to the beauty, right?

Ghost stories galore

Turn the lights off, burn a few candles, and invite the gang to gather in the living room to swap spooky stories! If you don’t have one to tell, you can search the internet or get some excerpts from famous scary books beforehand.

Apple-picking is a classic

Is it even considered Fall without any apple-picking session? Get your sturdiest woven fruit basket and go apple-picking with the family! Wherever you are, we know there’ll be a bunch of farms nearby, so get and take your “pick!”

Fly a kite

The brisk Fall wind is an advantage for flying a kite, so use it for a fun time with the kids! Open fields or local parks are some best places to fly kites. You can also make a customized kite for a level-up experience!

Attend a Fall Festival

Local community events dedicated to food, crafts, music, art — or whatever else interests your family — are all over the country this Fall, and it’s only but a must that you have one dialed in your schedule this season! Do your research and find one nearby!

Bake some Autumn treats

Autumn goodies are so delicious that even the pickiest eaters drool for them! Bake homemade Fall treats like a caramel apple dessert pizza or pumpkin pies with the kids, and get the satisfying reward of eating it all afterward!

Plan a Pumpkin Patch excursion

Pumpkins are the ultimate Fall symbol, so stop by a local farm to pick up a few and stock up on gourds and squash for crafts and cooking while you’re there. The whole experience is very Autumn-ish, so don’t miss it!

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