Celebrate National Grandparents’ Day 2022 in Nine Sweet Ways

A grandparent’s love for their grandchildren is always true and unconditional, and Grandparents’ Day is a special day to honor that unbreakable bond!

Celebrated on the second Sunday in September, National Grandparents’ Day is fast-approaching, and if you’re thinking of sweet and unique ways of celebrating with Ma and Pops, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are nine simple yet memorable ways to celebrate National Grandparents’ Day.

Write an “I love you because” list

There’s nothing like Pops’ silly made-up songs or Nan’s adorable nicknames, don’t you agree? If your kid loves these simple but genuine gestures, have him write it– and every other thing he loves about his grandparents– down a list and read it aloud to Nana and Papa on the big day. You can also print out a copy so they can follow along and keep it!

Put on your chef’s hat and make their fave dessert

“Sweetening” National Grandparents’ Day with a plate of their favorite dessert is a fool-proof way to put a smile on Pop and Mom’s faces, so help your child whip up their favorite treat and decorate with sprinkles, raisins, or nuts for extra flourish. You can also have these goodies shipped to their town, but be sure to choose a recipe that will travel well.

Make a photograph craft

Most, if not all, grandparents love keeping photographs of their kids and their grandchildren, so incorporate their favorite pictures into a project to give them on National Grandparents’ Day! Try making a placemat by laminating a photo collage. Or, add magnetic tape to the back of a photograph for a special refrigerator decoration.

Learn a new skill– together

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a new skill, like a new language or digital photography, now’s your chance! Not only would it be fun to learn a new skill together with Nan and Pops, but the memories would be priceless.

Encourage them to take a walk down memory lane

Grandparents love to tell fascinating stories, so encourage your child to interview their grandparents about theirs. You can have your child prepare a few specific questions ahead of time so the conversation can flow smoothly. Oh, and remember to record the conversation for posterity!

Start a new tradition

Surprising the grandparents with something different for their special day is a great way to make the experience memorable. For one, custom t-shirts are one of the best-personalized keepsakes to bring out on Grandparents’ Day every year! It can be your kiddo’s drawing of a picture of them with their grandparents or outlines of everyone’s hands. The options are endless!

Sit down for a delicious meal

Grandparents appreciate the simplest things, like spending time with their grandchildren or deep conversations with their loved ones. So, on National Grandparents’ Day, organize a family lunch, dinner, and BBQ featuring their favorite food. Whether elaborate or a simple sandwich on a park bench, grandparents will surely cherish your time together.

Go for a sleepover

Sleepovers tops most grandparents’ wish list, so plan one on National Grandparents’ Day! Pick a day that works for the kids and their grandparents, and keep it free of plans, so your children aren’t shuttling from a playdate or party to their grandparents’ house. If overnights aren’t possible, have your child schedule a lunch or dinner date instead.

Share their hobby

If grandpa likes woodworking, it’s time to build something with him. Or, if your grandma loves painting, go outside in the fresh air for some impromptu art lessons. National Grandparents’ Day is the perfect occasion for sharing interests and hobbies with your grandparents! Embrace their advice! Who knows? You or your children may discover a new interest, continuing a tradition in the footsteps of a grandparent!

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