9 Easy DIY Home Projects To Do With Dad

Life is too short NOT to engage in a few DIYs in your lifetime, especially if it involves your home and sharing the project with Dad (or the hubby!). And since Father’s Day is coming up, a special but easy DIY home improvement project may be the best way to spend the occasion!

Whether you need ideas for your own father, your husband, or DIY-able activities for the kids, here are nine no-sweat projects to check out!


A workbench may be the crown jewel of any handy workspace, and one that’s custom-built will surely be the apple of your Dad’s eye! Imagine building a workbench that fits his desired dimensions, meets his unique criteria and sits at a custom comfortable height? He’ll love making one with you for sure!


If your husband is both a worker bee AND a bookworm– closeted or otherwise– going for a DIY bookcase may be the best project for the family! Everyone can take part in sanding, painting, or staining, then store photo albums, family heirlooms, and favorite reads in style. We’re sure he’ll love his new book storage, especially if you put it inside his “man cave!”

Tool Pegboard

Pegboards are an effective, efficient, and space-saving way to store tools and gadgets. They keep the work areas clean, organized, and safe, and they’re not too bulky for small spaces! The good news is that the entire project only needs half a day to complete! Once the pegboard is up, give the added gift of organizational bliss, and help Dad “Marie Kondo” anything that no longer sparks joy.

Fire Pit

If your house could use some outdoor entertainment, start a fire pit DIY project with your husband! Ready-made ring kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes, or you can go custom with creative retaining wall block configurations. All you need is a quick video tutorial and a trip to the hardware, and you’ll be serving s’mores for the family by sundown!

Clean Concrete Garage Floor

DIY projects don’t always mean building stuff. Sometimes, just helping Dad with his “duties” is enough to put a smile on his face! Ask your dad to help him clean his “favorite” room, a.k.a the garage! The floors are bound to be full of oil stains and dirt! With just a few swipes, it’ll be a whole lot cleaner!

Brick Paver Border

Landscaping and mowing the lawn can be made hassle-free through a brick paver border, so give your dad an easy time by building one– DIY! It will put enough room between garden beds and landscaping so a lawn mower can ride the rail and cut everything in its path.

Patio Planters

Have a mini garden at home? Raised patio planters fit the ticket of putting together a DIY project with the kids without too much fuss. The kids and your husband will love working on this together for sure!

Dad’s Deluxe Car Wash

It’s about time you give your dad’s dirty car proper cleaning, but we’re not talking about the $5 automated car wash. Give it a proper wash, dry and polish, then get out the shop vac and clean the interior. There’s a high chance it’s been a while since he made time to give it a deluxe wash, so we’re sure he’ll appreciate getting into a spotless car.

Family Tree Planting

Do you have a native tree that speaks to the whole family? Go and plant it in the backyard together! Aside from instantly elevating Dad’s yard, it will act as a living, growing symbol of your family for years to come. It’s the perfect gift that keeps on giving–literally!

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Father’s Day👨‍🦳🧔 is just around the corner, and it’s high time to start a DIY home project⚒ with the man of the hour!🕐 Don’t know where to start?🤔 Here are 9⃣ easy DIY home projects🏠 you can do with your Dad, husband, and the whole family!👪

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