9 Tips to Keep Your Pool Safe and Clean

Your home is a huge investment, and its accessories, may it be indoors or outdoors, should also be treated as such. These details make your home look elegant or as cozy as you want your house to be, and any negligence may affect the overall vibe of your abode. So, to avoid this, you’ll have to make all aspects of your home look well taken care of.

Your home pool, for example, is an amenity that not just anyone can afford to add to their homes. It makes home living more comfortable, especially during hot and humid days, and gives the homeowners more options for holding parties, family bondings, and celebrations. Albeit, owning a pool is not easy with all the maintenance and cleaning you’ll have to do REGULARLY. But, once you get the hang of it, it’s one of the best amenities you could have in your home!

Keep your pool safe and clean with these nine simple tips. Yes, hiring someone to do these tasks for you is a lot easier, but it’s still better if you also know how to do them yourself.

Monitor cleaning system and the clarity of your pool water

Is your pool water still clear and clean? What about your cleaning tools? Are they all still functional? If you answer no to both, be sure to immediately replace your swimming pool cleaning tools like skimmers, etc., so you can properly maintain the cleanliness of your pool. Your tools are also the ones that help keep your pool water clear, so it’s best to regularly monitor your cleaning system, especially during bad weather conditions, where falling leaves, dirt, and debris are at their peak.

Regularly check your water source

Be sure to check your tank and tubes if all are working properly, at least once a week. You’ll also have to check the water level about twice a month for any adjustments needed.

Maintain proper pool chemistry

Owning a pool means you have to know the type of chlorine you have to use and how much of it. There’s a required number depending on your pool area. Once you have this information, be sure to check your pool chemistry at least twice a week to avoid any skin reactions or mishaps, especially when guests visit and take a dip in your pool. Chlorine may also combine with other chemicals, so it’ll be best to put some shock treatment to the water about once a week and at night.

Keep your pool’s pH level within the 7.2-7.6 range

Help your chlorine’s efficiency AND prevent algae from growing in your pool by keeping the pH level within the 7.2-7.6 range. You can buy a water quality tester to help you check this information, so you’ll know when to do a pool shock.

Take care of your skimmer baskets

Your skimmer baskets help protect your pool from dirt and waste, so be sure to clean them at least twice a week. Meanwhile, outdoor pools need their skimmer baskets cleaned pretty often, so be observant and work out a routine.

Check your pump

Your pool pump keeps your pool energy efficient and helps circulate your pool water as it acts as the prime motivator. Be sure to check it once a month, and clean the hair and lint pot at least twice a month or if need be.

Don’t forget your filters

Filters don’t often need to be cleaned. In fact, you can even do it quarterly. But, after a storm, you’ll need to schedule cleaning right away to keep you safe from unwanted chemicals. Filters also help your pool be in tip-top shape, so it never hurts to check them every once in a while.

Scrub those pool tiles

No one wants slippery and filthy-looking pool tiles, so it’s best to clean them once a week. Brush them thoroughly and remove growing algae. Keep your pool looking inviting and squeaky-clean!

Always check for cracks

If you notice cracks within your pool, it’s always best to take action immediately. From the deck and the tiles, make sure to have it cured with a small bead of clear silicon. You don’t want your pool water to start dripping or worse,– flowing from the pool through the cracks!

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