9 Tips in Styling Your Guest Bedroom

Ah, yes, the joys of home decorating. It’s especially exciting if you’re able to show off your styling prowess to friends and family by welcoming them into your home. And if you’re a doting host who loves to have friends over, creating the perfect guest bedroom is the key to ensuring a memorable stay for your loved ones!

A beautifully-arranged guest room should be uncluttered, comfortable, and feel a little like home. But you must also remember to put your personal touch and make your guest feel like they’re staying somewhere curated and well thought out. So, to achieve the perfect look for your guest bedroom, check out our nine styling tips!

Create a restful space

The whole point of having a guest bedroom is to give your guests a great night of sleep away from home, so they can be ready for a full day of fun activities or quality time. Having said this, painting your guest room a dark color like black or navy blue is not only unexpected, but it can create a relaxing cave-like vibe that helps lure your guests to sleep after a long day.

Choose the right furniture

If you have a bigger space, an ideal guest room should contain more than just a bed. Add a small desk or a bench at the bottom of the bed to give your guests the freedom to use the room for more than just sleep. Offer them a place to retreat when they need a little alone time after socializing.

Cozy is best

Adding a bunch of pillows creates a cozy and welcoming space for your guests almost instantly. It’s also better to use your hands as much as your eyes when creating the ideal guest bedroom– yes, aesthetics are important, but so are textiles. Don’t hesitate to splurge on those cozy organic sheets, knit blankets, and high-quality towels for your guests! Also, don’t forget to leave spares in the closet to avoid making your guests feel like they’re imposing.

Toiletries are essential

When stocking your guest room’s nightstand, don’t forget to add toiletries your guests may have forgotten. These include tubes of toothpaste, body wash, and even Tylenol to make your guest feel at home.

Choose a theme

Give your guest bedroom its own theme! It’s the best way to decorate, so you can decide on your decor scheme and stick with it throughout the space. Keep towels and blankets in the same color palette and add trinkets around the room that fit the theme.

Work with the room’s natural elements

Don’t forget to work with the architectural elements of your home when designing your guest bedroom. Doing so will enhance the cohesiveness of your home and highlight the charming features that you want your guests to notice.

Update it for the holidays

Keep your guest room fresh and interesting by sprinkling in holiday decor. Best to choose easy-to-swap items, though, like pillows or wreaths that you can easily pop in for the season and give your space a festive feel.

Symmetry always works

Are you looking to add two beds to your guest room? Be sure to keep it symmetrical. It’s the easiest way to reduce visual clutter and keep the space streamlined. You should also make sure to pick the solution that works for the majority of your expected guests. If you don’t usually host couples or families, don’t get too many items and furniture for your guest room.

Clutter-free is key

A clean and uncluttered room is better than a cramped, “too styled” one.

Channel your Marie Kondo before your guests arrive and toss anything that doesn’t make you feel happy to create a welcoming space with enough room for their belongings. Of course, a few thoughtful touches are still a staple to make them feel at home.

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