9 Tips for Your DIY Home Theater

Doesn’t the cold weather make you want to curl up on the couch and binge-watch your favorite flicks? Sure, the family room gives you the space you need for some major “couch potato-ing,” but you have to admit, having your own home theater makes it a hundred times better!

But don’t you need a thousand dollars for a home theater of your own?

Well, we don’t know about you, but going the D-I-Y route can save you hundreds of dollars on professional fees AND is actually much easier than you might think! So, get yourself the best possible viewing experience and start setting up the sickest home theater setup ever!

Here are nine tips that you’ll need to keep in the back of your mind.

You don’t need to buy the biggest and best TV in the world

Many people who create their home theaters from scratch automatically think that buying the largest and most expensive TV is something they need to do to take their DIY setup to the next level. Sure, spending most of your budget on a TV was a priority in the past years. Nowadays, though, you don’t necessarily need to break the bank on a TV to set up a successful home theater situation.

Stick to your budget and go for a projector instead. TVs and projectors have come such a long way over the last ten years or so that you can get away with buying one that’s on the cheaper side without sacrificing too much in terms of picture quality.

Go for an amazing surround sound system

These days, most TVs come with pretty decent speakers, so you may think that investing in a soundbar or a surround sound system is unnecessary, but better to think twice. Don’t sleep on the importance of investing in a great surround sound system! The screen in your home theater will become secondary when you have an awesome surround sound system installed in it. Just be sure to find the best affordable option and be on your merry way.

Soundproofing from top to bottom is key

Show off what your home theater’s surround sound system can do by soundproofing your DIY home theater from top to bottom! Not only will it give you a better watching experience, but it will also avoid getting those neighbor complaints from turning your sound system all the way up whenever you’re watching on your TV.

Consider the seating options

Giving everyone access to the best seats in the house is something you’ll need to consider when you’re piecing together your home theater plans. Check out all home theater seating options available, and make sure that everyone can sit comfortably while watching whatever you’re playing on your big screen.

Give your windows the right coverings

In a perfect world, your DIY home theater setup would be in a windowless room. But, if you don’t have that kind of luxury, you can still make sure that the sun doesn’t ruin your viewing experience by hanging up window coverings over any windows in the room. Ideally, you want to go with room-darkening window coverings that will make it pitch black inside when you want it to be.

Lighting matters

The movie theater isn’t a movie theater without dim lights. Choose the right lighting option for your home theater, some form of recessed lighting that you’d be able to control with dimmers, so you can turn your lights up and down without any issues.

Don’t forget to inject some decorative touches

At some point during the end of your DIY home theater project, you’re going to look up at the walls and notice that they’re still bare. Do something about this by adding some decorative touches to them.

Spruce your home theater up with some old movie posters, sports jerseys, and other decors and memorabilia that will bring the room to life. We promise it’s worth the trouble, especially when your guests compliment you about it!

Designate a place for your snacks and drinks

During a movie binge, you’re going to want to enjoy a steady supply of drinks and snacks, especially if you’re with your crew! And to have this, you’ll need a designated place to keep plenty of both on hand all the time. Set up a DIY snack bar towards the back end of your home theater and fill it with sodas, popcorn, candy, and other treats. Just make sure you’re prepared to keep it replenished once you get it up and running.

Be sure to go with a plan

No matter how excited you are about setting up your new home theater, please never lose sight of your plan and budget! By sticking to your initial plan, you’re helping yourself avoid purchasing oversized screens, a sound system that is too powerful for your room, unnecessary brackets and hangers– or anything in between. You’ll thank us later, we promise!

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