9 Things Retirees Should Look For in a Home

As children grow older and start to leave home, many parents look for a new, better-fit house.

Some plan to buy the home during retirement while others, sometime before. Either way, this home purchase usually ends up being the last, well, for most.

So, how is this home search different from the previous ones? Of course, when searching for the PERFECT retirement home, buyers no longer prioritize living near a good school district or having an X number of bedrooms for all the kids. Instead, they focus on finding features that will help them age in place– peacefully and stress-free.

And what features should retirees look for in a home, you ask? Check out these nine things to consider before selecting a retirement home for you and your beau!

Easy, single-level living

As much as possible, look for a home without any stairs. Homes with even a single step up or down, such as a sunken living room, can be a problem if someone uses a wheelchair. Also, note to check for stairs going into and out of the house from the front walk and garage.

Wide hallways, doorways, and open spaces

Open floor plans have been quite popular with homeowners for their upgraded spaces for socializing. This type of home should also be a retiree’s consideration when looking at homes because they’re easier to maneuver, especially for people with walkers or on wheelchairs.

Go for step-in showers

Most older people find stepping in and out of bathtubs difficult, so step-in showers where wheelchairs can be wheeled into are a better option. It’s also ideal to have grab bars for better accessibility, both in the shower and toilet areas.

Check the bathrooms inside your preferred house and assess if they’re large enough for your liking. A spacious bathroom is always a welcome treat, especially if you’re most likely to use a walker or a personal aide in the future.

Consider appliance height

To avoid always bending down to use the dishwasher, washer, or dryer, be sure to consider storage for your appliances in your new home. Do you need any appliances raised? Can you reach the microwave and refrigerator easily? Someone who already uses a wheelchair may want lower counters in bathrooms and the kitchen, at least at some stations.

Pick the RIGHT location

Considering access to quality health care is key when buying a new home, even for healthy people! Being near the airport is also important if your family lives far away or if you like to travel a lot. Yes, folks, the location of your home is another top consideration when buying a new house, so be sure to list down all the conveniences you’d like to have proximity to before you decide to move.

Assess how much maintenance you want to do

Newer communities have homeowners associations that help maintain homes’ exteriors, as well as lawn maintenance and snow removal. If the home you want is not in an association that provides the services, consider how you’ll get them done. Are you able to handle your maintenance tasks? How long will you be able to do it?

Easy access storage spaces

Make sure you don’t have to bend, stretch or climb ladders to reach the storage spaces. Attic staircases are also ideal rather than pull-down stairs for a more accessible and safer attic. Having a large pantry is also a good bonus.

Facilities for pets

If you have pets, you’ll need a dedicated space to bathe them in, like a utility room. Cat owners also need a place for litter boxes. If you’re moving into a condo or a community with an HOA, make sure you know the pet rules before you buy. To put it short, choose a home that addresses all your pets’ needs as well.

Less is best

No one will know what will happen in the future, but it’s unlikely that the cost of living will fall. Having said this, spend less on your housing to make it easier to cope with unplanned emergency expenses and medical problems, should those issues arise.

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