Hibernate in Style–9 Winter Decor Ideas

Ah, the chilly feel in the air! It’s finally winter season, and everybody’s looking to “cozy up” their homes just in time for family snuggles and cuddles– for days!

Yes, our homes are our sanctuary amidst the cold rage of winter, and it’s high time we start hibernating in style! So, “oomph” up your winter decor and make your home feel more inviting and snuggly! Here are our nine winter decor ideas to warm up every room and nook without compromising your style!

Keep your feet warm

Yes, what a dream it would be to have radiant heat floors inside the home during the winter season! If you’re looking to have one like us, cover up those cold tiles and floors with soft, shaggy carpets and rugs! Doing so will create a pleasant and warm atmosphere in your home. You can also layer up the rugs in areas such as under the bed, coffee table, sofa set, or in the front of your reading chair.

Don’t forget the cozy lightings

Winter is known for its dark, long, and chilly nights, and it’s ideal to incorporate warm, soft lighting in your home to avoid melancholy or feeling isolated. Start by using layers of lights to add the right warmth and tone to your aesthetics. If you opt for pendant lights, tables, or floor lamps, you can pick brass or metallic hues for creating extra cozy decor in your home. Light wood lighting will also work best with your winter decor.

Update your beddings

It’s time to put away those crisp cotton and light linen beddings and welcome the layered sets to enjoy amazing chilly nights indoors! Curl up in a warm bed and enjoy long nights with cozy textured blankets, quilts, and comforters! You can also add in some plush, soft pillows to let you sink in a snuggly winter bed. Just make sure to choose the colors and textures that blend well in your winter home decor.

Add some color to your sofa

Many will agree that the living room is distinguishable as a luxurious area for guests and family members. To bring light to a rather gloomy season, add colorful and warm sofa blankets to your couch and make seating more pleasant, especially if you’re a couch potato! These colorful, textured blankets enhance the style quotient of your sofa and living room aesthetics, as well, so it’ll be a win-win.

Plump up your cushions

Do you know that cushions are an affordable and comfortable addition to your winter home decor? Plus, they make your home feel warm and cozy in seconds! Go for thick, designer cushion covers and pillow covers to elevate the appealing look and leave a remarkable impression on guests.

Choose layered curtains

Swap your sheer summer drapes for some winter layered curtains all-around your home. Thick draperies with winter decor add volume, color, style, and depth to the room interiors, so be sure to select the colors that will go in the right decor styling of your home.

Carve out a cozy reading nook

Imagine spending long and cold winters with a cup of coffee in one hand and a classic book in the other. Does it sound amazing? Now, you don’t have to crouch in the corner this winter season. Simply identifying the corner and the reading chair, table lamp, carpet, and pillows are all you need for a perfect reading nook in the winter season!

Style your dining table

Dress up that wooden, rustic dining table for the winter season with runners, mats, and luxurious tableware accessories to create the perfect look. You can also try winter DIY ideas for a stylish centerpiece in your dining table decor.

Put out your winter decor trends

The new season calls for new home decors! Forgo the minimalist aesthetics for large artistic decor items like paintings, masks, mirrors, brass, and gold finish antiques, figurines, etc. This type of look will create a soothing and warm tone in your home! Don’t forget to add those photo memories, too!

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