9 Popular Home Renovations Trends this 2022

While you may not be moving into a new house this 2022, it shouldn’t stop you from making your cozy home feel new again by taking stock of each room and updating the whole interior design.

We’re talking about finding a better space for your home office, incorporating comfortable seating in your living room, or going all out with a lavish kitchen renovation for a more spacious and modern approach. Well, whatever you choose to go with, we’re letting you in on Nine Popular Home Renovations that you’ll be seeing a lot of this 2022!

More Home Office Investments

Yes, folks, homeowners are trading their spacious kitchen counters for more professional, dedicated spaces. The Zoom fatigue is REAL and more people realize that the backdrop for their visual calls needs more game! It’s also why allocating space for a home office often involves a reset of the room’s function– converted sitting rooms off of bedrooms or smaller family rooms or guests rooms that do double duty, with sleepers and desks.

The days of home offices and dining rooms being the first rooms you see when entering a house are back, ladies and gents, and homeowners are focused on creating the perfect home office space!

Enhanced Outdoor Spaces

More people are starting to choose to spend their days outside their homes, and no, we don’t mean in malls and shopping centers! And though homeowners have been bringing the indoors out on their yards and patios for a while now, this 2022, we’re about to see even more people making plans for it, as outdoor renovations remain a priority!

Think aesthetically pleasing shade structures like awnings, gracing your outdoor space to provide comforting protection from the sun and help make it feel more connected and beautiful! You can also expect outdoor showers, outdoor rooms, pools, water features, fire pits, and outdoor dining areas to be high on the wish lists!

Texture Everywhere

We dare say, Texture will be the biggest trend for 2022.

Say goodbye to that flat finish drywall and embrace a new surface you’d want to run your hands over or engage in a tactile way! Interesting materials are taking a front seat, and people are excited about making a sophisticated statement representing their style and personality!

Yes, these textures in the built environment give your home soul and chill vibes while adding a fifth dimension to the experience, so this year, texturizing your home should be a priority!

Huge Advancements in Technology

Technology has come a long way, and this 2022, we should expect to see a huge advancement in digital interior design.

Let’s face it. We’re all on our phones, tablets, and computers more than we’d like to admit. The truth is, we don’t just use them for fun or to entertain the kids anymore. We use these devices for work, school, video conferencing, and even to make our homes smarter.

Home add-ons like specialized outlets like the Ultra-Fast Plus Power Delivery with USB-C that allows faster charging and a sleeker appearance will be selling like hotcakes this year, and you may want to consider this for your home, too!

Bold is the Way to Go

After decades of white hue domination, we’re finally going to see a strong interest in dark neutrals and naturals.

Yes, dark is the new white, and interior details like natural wood paneling with a dark stain or changing from a light-colored house to a bold, dark gray are becoming increasingly popular, and you can expect the trend to continue gaining traction for the foreseeable future!

Side-Hustle Spaces

Ever heard of a “side-hustle bedroom?” Well, this 2022, the theme will be on the rise, especially for homeowners with an entrepreneurial mindset!

Gen Zs and Millenials are making everything from candles to hats, and their bedrooms will take on flexible layers of activity, from filming set to the creative studio, warehouse to shipment facility. Whether creating or promoting products or just shooting TikTok videos, bedroom aesthetics for younger generations will become backdrops for personal branding!

Green, Literally and Figuratively

Ahh, a refreshing change of scene!

You read it right! Greens will be a huge factor in home renovations in 2022! Homeowners want their houses to feel fresh and comforting, and the GREEN is the perfect paint color to create that feeling! The idea of getting back to the root of materials is also a popular theme for the majority of home projects this year, as well as materials that support the environment, promote recycling, and hold meaning!

Start hoarding natural materials like wood, rattan, clay, stone, etc., that pair perfectly with any style, color, or material. These textures add warmth and lightness to home decor and make us feel like we’re on vacation in our home since many of us are unable to travel!

Nature Connections

This year, homeowners are leaning more towards a soft modern aesthetic rooted in organic wood tones and clean, natural colors. More natural lighting through larger windows and door openings are still clearly continuing into 2022, creating a more direct connection with nature and a greater grasp of the outside world– without actually leaving the comforts of home.

Organic wood tones and clean, natural colors are also here to stay! Expect hues like green, ochre, terra-cotta, oatmeal-beige, and greige (that remind us of nature) to hog the spotlight, kicking out the classic white and blue kitchens everyone’s raved about for years!

Durable surfaces

Homeowners are expecting greater performance from surfaces in their homes (as they should!) since the majority of us are still spending a lot of time at home– which means we’re cleaning our countertops more and are subject to extra scrubbing!

This 2022, expect a rise in demand for solid acrylic surfaces that are seamless and offer durability with no additional maintenance, yet don’t compromise on sleek, beautiful design. So, if you’re seeing yourself spending more time in the kitchen than normal, this renovation is a MUST!

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