9 Top Color Trends for 2022

It’s a few days before we say goodbye to the year 2021, and everyone’s talking about Pantone’s color selection for the incoming year!

We’re talking earthy tones evoking the natural world, warm neutrals ushering in calmness, and golden yellows brightening every environment. Plus, vivacious green shades along with sultry hues are also set to make a bold impact as the year’s go-to accent shades. Are you excited to grab all the must-have shades for your home? If you’re looking to welcome 2022 sporting a new look (or at least a new paint job!) for your humble abode, check out the 9 Top Color Trends for 2022!


Are you ready for 2022’s vibrant shade of periwinkle? Veri Peri blends the soothing familiarity of blue with the energy and excitement of red, designed to pique curiosity and creativity and symbolize our transition out of the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let the new year bring in a sense of playfulness to your interiors, and let yourself experiment with unexpected color combinations. This new shade offers a refreshing, nature-inspired look in living rooms and home offices.

Dusty Green

Make this soft grey-green color your foundation to build an earthy palette for your abode this 2022! Much like your usual green hue, this shade encourages reconnection with the great outdoors and will be easy to pair up and introduce into your home. The shade will also do well in a farmhouse setting, combined with soft, nature-inspired tones – pale sky blues, a scorched earth red, or chalky whites.

School House White

School House White is a soft, off-white shade designed to look white in a shaded area. It’s muted, timeless, and comfortingly familiar. It will evoke the nostalgia of old schoolhouses, especially if you pair this color as a background to feature dramatic, largescale artworks or even vibrant, statement rugs.

Amplify your vibrant colors with School House White and watch your home transform into something bold and beautiful!

Sunny Yellow

This year, it’s time to relish brighter colors that herald a return to normality, much like this sunny and uncomplicated Sunny Yellow. Whilst bold, this color never feels garish or overpowering!

Bring some “subdued” sunshine into your home! Despite its bold hue, you won’t find it overly bright or overpowering, making it perfect for large rooms, where its cheerfulness will intensify.

Earthy Tones

We dare say that organic hues will never go out of style, even as we say hello to 2022! Many designers predict that greens of all undertones and shades will skyrocket to popularity as people yearn to bring a sense of nature into their homes.

We’re talking about earthy neutrals and nature-inspired greens, deemed by stylists to be the go-to colors for 2022. These hues bring a feeling of peace and represent nature and also have a calming effect that’s perfect for your home! Are you ready to embrace a comforting place that allows you to relax after a long day?

Deep Aubergine

Add a twist to your home design by utilizing deep and dark colors instead of constantly using traditional black. One example is this deep aubergine, a dark hue you can incorporate into interiors anywhere, from dark terrazzo floors to dark walls. You can also use this monochromatic design element to give sensuous sophistication when blended with neutral furnishings and textiles, adding a bold yet classic aesthetic to any design.


Electrifying and joyful, Chartreuse is a zippy yellow shade that’s not for the faint of heart. But when deployed fearlessly, it’s always the star of the show. The green-yellow shade works well in different applications, from upholstery fabric for chairs to lacquered hallways. The hue pairs perfectly with soft and warm details such as tasseled Austrian shades, a portiere hiding the kitchen, and monumental Christmas palms softening the electric walls.

Stone Blue

The vintage style shows no signs of faltering in 2022, especially with this timeless Stone Blue hue, the most on-trend of all blue shades.

Use this warm and timeless blue alongside other warm hues to create an inviting, vintage look, or pair it with a cooler tone for a cleaner, more contemporary feel. Another style you can do is go for simple and familiar colors and match them with Stone Blue to communicate a sense of folk and craftsmanship throughout the palette.

Avocado Green

A crowd-pleasing color that’s both relaxing and refreshing, Avocado Green resembles guacamole, perfect for your kitchens and earthy-inspired bedrooms! It’s a color driven by our need for calm, regrowth, and rejuvenation after living through unprecedented times.

Pair up your Avocado Green with classic white subway tile and matte black accents for a timeless mix. For living areas, home offices, and bedrooms, try it with light wood tones and plenty of plants (either true or faux) to enhance the calming, organic vibe.

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