9 Easy Ways to Boost Christmas Curb Appeal

Are you excited about the upcoming holidays? Yeah, we feel you! The Christmas fever is so “infectious” that homeowners everywhere just can’t help but spread the good vibes across the whole neighborhood through their Christmas outdoor decors and tantalizing light displays– and luckily, so can you!

Give that festive spirit a boost and liven up that front door! Here are nine easy ways to add some Christmas curb appeal to your home!

An all-out aroma fest

The beauty of the holidays shouldn’t be all about the aesthetics–the charm and fresh scents of evergreens should star in the show, too! Display a set of planters by the front hall and fill it up with some cut boughs and pine cones! You can also add a couple of ornaments, festive bows, or drape with a strand of miniature lights and let your arrangement sparkle!

Don’t let that mailbox hang dry

Don’t miss out on decorating your mailbox as you trim up the rest of the house! Wrap garland or tie a big red bow around it for some Christmas cheer. Whichever styling route you choose, just make sure it doesn’t impede your mail carrier from delivering your Christmas cards and packages.

The more the merrier

If you enjoy Christmas as much as the next person, we’re sure you agree that you can NEVER have too many Christmas trees! Whether you go big or small, adding an extra tree on your front porch will boost your Christmas curb appeal, especially if you hang up some (durable) string lights and ornaments on it!

Light it up

Ah, the lanterns and luminaries! These types of Christmas lights are functional and beautiful displayed along your walkways or on the porch, but they can also be used year-round, regardless of the season! Be sure to choose real candles or one of the new non-flame varieties for longevity.

Bring out the magical mats

Celebrate the holiday season in every way possible by swapping your distinctive doormat for a Christmas-themed one to your landing! Not only does it add an instant dose of holiday cheer, but it’s practical for stomping the snow off your boots.

Go for the traditional trimmings

Garlands are traditional trimmings that can easily add some holiday flair to your front entry! Use these to wrap around columns, drape over railings, and frame in doorways. For fresher varieties, check your local nursery and garden center. You can also buy a synthetic one for longer use or go the DIY route.

Don’t forget the trees

Got no evergreen in the front yard? Don’t let that stop you from decorating that tree! Wrap some lights and hang large baubles on whatever tree you have within your landscape, and spread that festive cheer all around your home!

The vibrant green and red

The traditional colors of Christmas are both unforgettable and inviting, and we promise you, you can’t do much better than a potted poinsettia– or two or three or more!

Display a cluster of poinsettias to the door, place them on the steps, or line a walkway with these blooms. Their bold red and green colors will make them instant accents for the long holiday tradition.

The simple, the better

Sometimes, the minimalist way is the best, especially when boosting the Christmas curb appeal of your home. So, bring out that simple string of white lights and make a bold statement by outlining your door and window frames with it! You can also get creative and suspend them like stars from the ceiling to provide a welcoming, magical glow.

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