Christmas on a Budget: 9 Money-Saving Tips this Christmas

The gifts, the decorations, the partying, and all the food– ahh! Could Christmas get any more expensive?

Yeah, it’s all part of the festive fun, but if we’re being honest, the costs can add up and catch us off-guard. I mean, we love Christmas just as much as the next person (arguably even more so), but the one thing that can put a dampener on our Yuletide spirit is thinking about the major dent it puts in our bank balance! But thankfully, not this time around!

Check out these nine top money-saving tips for your Christmas this year!

Stick with your Christmas budget

Setting a Christmas budget seems like a no-brainer, but it can be painful and hard to stick to at one point, especially if you’re shopping for your loved one.

Take a good look at your bank balance and work out how much cash you have to play with, and if you think you’ll need some extra money at Christmas, consider cutting back on a few luxuries or try making a quick buck.

Prioritize your Christmas purchases

While we all want a meal with extra trimmings, the newest designer bags, and the latest game consoles for Christmas, not every one of us has the budget that will stretch far enough.

When you’re doing Christmas for cheap, remind yourself that you’re never going to be able to fulfill absolutely everything that features in your ideal festive fantasy. So, grab yourself a pen and paper and start thinking about what’s really important to you this year. Prioritize your Christmas purchases and allot some cash for the top items on your list.

Be wary of Christmas deals

The festive joy spreads throughout shops everywhere, so during this time, you may see a lot of Christmas deals and discounts scattered all around. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to be wary and avoid getting sucked in by “special offers” and “unmissable deals” that you have absolutely no use for whatsoever!

That’s not to say that there aren’t some bang-for-your-buck deals out there, though. Scour through the shops and internet for the most practical deal you can find and make an informed decision before buying.

Decide the right time for buying gifts

Track the prices of your preferred gift items and decide the right time to buy them. While getting your Christmas shopping done early is admirable, a glance at whether a product’s price is on an upwards or downwards trend could help you decide whether to wait a couple of weeks before splashing out.

Spend less on Christmas dinner

They say Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas with a ridiculously excessive amount of food on the table. When doing Christmas on a budget, though, there’s nothing that puts a strain on your wallet more than a refrigerator full of leftovers! I mean, do you need to spend for a huge spread that no one can finish?

Plan for a Christmas dinner on a budget. Remind yourself that you don’t need all that trimmings, especially when dining alone or with a small group. It’s always the laughter and memories that count, agree?

Secret Santa on a small budget

Buying presents for family, friends, and colleagues is an exciting and thoughtful thing to do for Christmas. However, as the list adds up, so do the costs!

Ensure that you retain the festive spirit without launching into serious Christmas debt by suggesting to do a Secret Santa instead. Secret Santas usually set a budget for gifts and tend to remain anonymous as well. This way, everyone gets a beautiful gift, and no one is left bankrupt.

Buy gift cards online

It’s hard to go wrong with gift cards as presents– and finding the cheapest prices online is a good way of buying them for less!

Check online platforms like eBay for unwanted gift cards sold at a fraction of the price. We’re sure you’ll find enough gift cards to give out to friends and family without maxing out your Christmas budget.

D-I-Y Christmas presents

From making your own snowglobes to curating a photo scrapbook, tons of homemade gift ideas that’ll cost you almost nothing. And even if you don’t possess that creative flair, it doesn’t stop you from whipping up some of the yummiest creations in the kitchen, right?

Do an IOU and save your Christmas shopping for Boxing Day sales

Beat the system by waiting to shop for your Christmas presents until January– you know when Boxing Day sales arrive! If a friend or family member has asked for something specific, or you’re just keen to get them a particular gift, you can always give them an IOU if you can’t currently afford it. Then, come the January sales, you can get them the perfect present at the perfect price!

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