9 Tips for Moving During the Holiday Season

Moving houses is not an easy feat. Whether your move is related to a job relocation, a new life event, or the military, moving can’t always happen at the most convenient times. And did we mention the chaos involved in all that packing and sorting? Now, moving DURING THE HOLIDAYS, THAT’S a whole different ball game.

Surprisingly, statistics reveal that more families move during the fall and winter seasons than we realize. So, if you’re planning to move during the holidays, we know how manic and restless it can be. 

Stay organized and still have time to enjoy the holidays with your family and friends this busy season– here are some holiday moving tips we’ve learned over the years that we hope can help!

Block off a whole month (if possible) to organize your move

Got a final date for your move yet? Assess how much time you have before THE DATE and work backward on your calendar. Three or four weeks to pack your home should be enough for you to leisurely organize everything and ask for assistance from your chosen moving company. Rushing everything will only add stress to your already eventful holidays.

Ease your way into packing all your stuff

Plan your holiday calendar and start thinking about what rooms you can finish packing during the season. Start packing closets, guest bedrooms, and storage areas if you’re not planning to have any guests over. It’s important to assign a staging area for your boxes and supplies so the entire house won’t be a maze of clutter!

Pack the holiday decorations last

Holiday decorations, items in storage, and other non-essentials usually aren’t thought of until the packing starts. Before the move, take a walk through your home and determine what you need during the holidays and what you can look forward to using in the future. Go for minimal decorations instead of skipping the season entirely.

Always expect the unexpected (moving expenses!)

Moving during the holidays almost always entails a premium pay to lock down movers. Remember to take note of your reservations and re-confirm them days before the move to avoid miscommunication with your chosen company. Also, make sure to confirm pricing and keep a record of all the details to ensure that information can be pulled up quickly when needed.

Purchase the bulk of your moving supplies during holiday sales

Look into your local home office supply stores for sales on moving supplies. Most retailers mark down their prices around December, so you should be able to purchase your essentials at a bargain price!

Don’t refuse help from friends and extended family

Moving houses is a lot of work. The cleaning, the packing, arranging appointments and reservations, etc., can be too time-consuming, so don’t be too hard on yourself and assume all the responsibilities. Don’t be ashamed to accept the helping hands of your friends and extended family members so you can ease the weight on your shoulders!

Don’t stress to unpack the whole house

Most movers stress themselves by trying to unpack the whole house at one go. Relax and take a breather, buddy! You’ll have plenty of time to unpack after, and now you can take your time putting up some of your usual Christmas décors to make the new place feel like home.

Plan holiday gatherings away from home

Make time for yourself during the move to relax and celebrate. Instead of skipping the holidays entirely, ask a relative if they can relieve you of hosting the gathering at your new home. If you still can’t help but entertain guests, keep expectations realistic. Invite fewer people (yes, COVID-19 doesn’t rest during the holidays), go for potlucks, and reduce your stress and amount of cooking!

Be physically AND mentally present during your holiday celebration

Relocating to a new area, let alone a new house, can keep you quite preoccupied physically, mentally, and emotionally. You may not even get to sleep at night thinking about all the stuff you have to accomplish, especially if you’re too pressed for time (because HOLIDAYS!). Nevertheless, it’s important to remind yourself that family should always be the top priority, no matter the situation.

So, kick back, relax, and enjoy the celebration– or at least ’til the party’s over before you start stressing out again. The holidays are for your family and loved ones– remember that.

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