Baby On The Way? 9 Tips for a Safe and Practical Baby Nursery

Are you expecting a new family member soon? With a new baby on the way, one of the many exciting things to tick off your “nesting” list is to create the perfect nursery room. In fact, it’s easy to get carried away with buying unnecessary knickknacks to design the space! After all, with so much inspirational content on social media, it’s hard not to get swayed into buying so much baby stuff (some you don’t even need!).

So what SHOULD you get for your baby nursery? Here are nine tips on designing a safe and PRACTICAL baby nursery that will grow with your little one.

Buy furniture you can use for a long time

The baby stage isn’t forever, so you’ll need some furniture in your nursery that’s going to grow with your child. Think about getting a convertible cot that can turn into a toddler bed or even a single bed or sofa. Doing so will help you stretch your dollar in the long run. Being strategic about choosing your furniture will also prevent you from overhauling the baby room every so often as your child grows.

Plan the baby room layout

While it’s perfectly fine to design and decorate your nursery at the last minute (if you still have the strength to do it!), it’ll be more practical to plan the room layout, so you’ll avoid buying unnecessary stuff that won’t fit in your space.

Be practical but hygienic

You see, there’s nothing wrong with accepting hand-me-downs like changing tables, baby wardrobes, and baby clothes from friends and relatives, but using old mattresses for your baby is a big NO-NO.

Mold, fungi, and bacteria can thrive on the surface from perspiration, diaper leakage, or spit-up that’s not properly cleaned, so using an old mattress will help you cut some costs, but it may also pose some health issues for your little one. Remember, it’s always best to be practical BUT hygienic.

Go for sheets in soft, natural fibers like 100% cotton. You can also invest in a waterproof mattress protector if you prefer. Be sure to have a few sets of beddings on hand, as you’ll need to change these often.

Never enough storage

Most often, having a baby means accumulating too much clutter in a span of a few months. To keep your room organized and clean, having adequate storage is key.

Go for furniture that allows extra storage for your little one’s stuff, and buy all the baskets and toy chests that you need for the nursery. If you prefer, you can also think outside the box and use old vintage suitcases to house toys and maybe even lockers for books, too.

Choose colors wisely

While a nursery should be lively and colorful, bold colors may cause overstimulation for your child. Instead of using bright hues throughout the room, you may want to just add dashes of it to white walls– a refreshingly calm yet stylish combination. Other contemporary hues to try are grey or sand, as they are gender-neutral and can go with a variety of other colors.

Go for an adaptable theme

As always, simplicity is key, even in choosing the perfect theme for your baby room. Go easy on the mural or cutesy wallpaper, or drop the idea altogether. Instead, opt for reusable decals! These wall stickers come in a wide array of designs, including patterns, fonts, illustrations, and borders, and they’re easy to install and remove once you tire of them or your kid grows up.

Lighting is always important

Decorative lighting pieces inject style into a nursery room. Get yourself a night light with a dimmer, so you won’t bump into things in the dark during night feeds while casting a soft, comforting glow over the room. Just make sure that all cords and wires are out of reach of the baby, especially when he’s more mobile.

Don’t forget your walls

Artworks are a great way to personalize your nursery. Choose art pieces that are whimsical or classic that will grow with the space, but if you’re thinking of hanging them above or beside the cot, make sure that they’re securely positioned in place and that the cot is away from the wall.

Another decor piece (and a functional one!) often overlooked is a clock. Accent an empty wall or shelf with one, and go for a digital clock, so it’s easy for you to tell the time when your little one wakes in the middle of the night.

Your floors need some love

A rug adds warmth to a room and helps lift and define the space. You can also use it as a playmat for tummy time, so it’s worth the purchase! For added comfort, pick one made of natural fibers such as wool, cotton, or hemp.

Another must-have accessory is a step-to-open dustbin by the changing table. Make sure to choose one that closes quietly to avoid startling the baby during late-night diaper changes.

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Are you expecting a new family member soon?🤔🤰

With a new baby on the way👶, one of the many exciting things to tick off your “nesting” list is to create the perfect nursery room.😍🍼

So what SHOULD you get for your baby nursery? 🤷‍♀️ Here are 9⃣ tips💡 on designing a safe and PRACTICAL baby nursery that will grow with your little one.👍🤱

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