9 Advantages of Rural Living

Are you thinking of moving to a rural neighborhood?

Different people have different wants and needs when choosing a new home. For some, living in an urban area is a necessity and others prefer it the other way around. So, if you’re looking to grab the chance to breathe fresh air and go country (but feeling just a tad up in the air about it), here are nine advantages of buying a home in a rural neighborhood.

Fresh air and open spaces

Living in a rural area opens up the opportunity to reconnect with nature, a huge draw for young families and homeowners in retirement. We’re talking about more trees, less traffic, open fields, forests, and streams bringing fresh air all around, a perfect background for great outdoor living and a healthier lifestyle!

A serene environment

Urban dwellers know the sound and light of a bustling city never stop, and homeowners looking to get away from all the busyness can turn to country living and its serene atmosphere– the brilliance of the star-lit sky offering a deep sense of satisfaction.

Slower pace of living

Do you dream of living a less stressful life? Move to a rural area! Country living is ideal for sole proprietors or remote workers looking to veer away from the rat race of traffic jams and buzzing office cubicles.

Family-oriented surroundings

While it’s true that rural and city living both have their own benefits when it comes to raising kids, choosing to build your family in the countryside offers them an opportunity to roam free and have a unique childhood experience.

A tight knit community

In truth, living in a highly urbanized area sometimes makes it difficult to feel like a part of a community. Meanwhile, rural living offers church sessions, town hall meetings, and gatherings at the local diner, where lasting social bonds are usually formed. It’s also quite common to find country residents taking an active role in the community, knowing their voices have a better chance to be heard.

Trustworthy neighbors

If you’ve tried living in the city before, you’ll know it can take a long time to make new friends within the community and get acquainted with your neighbors. In a rural setting, however, neighbors are (usually) able to rely on one another, even those who prefer to keep to themselves and maintain a comfortable distance. There’s just something about the countryside that makes residents so warm and welcoming towards each other that homeowners can count on their neighbors in times of need.

Fresh food

Ah yes, the beauty of rural living. Where else can you get locally sourced meat, fruits, and vegetables readily available without the high price charges of big-city restaurants? Hurray for fresh food every day! There can be a shortage of fast food options, though, but with access to healthy eating, who’s complaining?

Less crime

A lower population density (usually) equates to a lesser crime. Of course, the statement isn’t absolute, but you’ll find that country living offers more security since people are closely knit and know almost everyone within the community.


If you’re an empty nester close to retirement looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city living, moving to a small home in a rural area is a good decision. The slower, more relaxed pace and natural beauty of the countryside can be enticing for retirees. Friendly neighbors are also a big plus when it comes to errands and chores that can become too much of a burden in old age.

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Are you thinking of moving to a rural neighborhood? 🤔🌵

If you’re looking to grab the chance to breathe fresh air🍃 and go country (but feeling just a tad up in the air about it🤷‍♀️), here are 9⃣ advantages of buying a home🏠 in a rural neighborhood.💗🍁

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