2021 Fall Home Decor Trends

When the leaves begin to stir and change color, and the air feels just a bit brisker, most homeowners know that it’s time to cozy up their homes. And luckily, we know just the way to do it (or ways, if we’re being technical)!

Yes, folks! Fall is here to stay (at least for a little while), and if you’re planning to re-arrange your home for the new season, here are 2021’s top fall home decor trends to get everyone inside the house in a cheerful seasonal mood!

Get ready for a harvest of inspiration– here are nine fall home decor trends for 2021:


Are you looking to give your home a classic look with a modern approach? Style your home the Scandi way!

A serene Scandinavian style is more sustainable and grounding. It has artisan elements that give more character and a personal touch to the home. It’s minimal, more studied, and unique, so the style warms your space and doesn’t overpower the eyes.


Do you want to know the biggest fall trend in terms of upholstery? You guessed it! It’s velvet, and we couldn’t be happier.

Luxurious, plush, and irresistible, velvet is the go-to texture for creating a fall-ready ambiance. Embrace the new trend by going for velvet layers. As velvet is already warm and comfy by nature, feel free to have fun with bold and cool colors– and not worry about detracting from a cozy fall feel.

Brown Floral x Burgundy

Achieve a warm fall look for your home by using burgundy and brown florals, along with red and orange. Add your own touch by pairing your current centerpiece with fall decors like mini pumpkins or acorns– and mix in extra greens and browns for a rustic feel.

Fall Natural Elements

We all know that fall isn’t without warm colors and cozy textures, so where better start than using the season’s natural elements as decor!

Add some pumpkins and fall leaves to your dining tables and cocktail tables to bring the fall feel inside your home. The good news is, you can pick most of these up from your backyard without any sweat!


Cozy shouldn’t just apply to fabrics and upholstery– it should go all-around your home, including your vases and other metal and wooden decors.

Go for a distressed look by adding the right amount of patina for your pieces. You can also consider incorporating the theme into your wall galleries for an unexpected fall charm!

Fall Candles

Ah yes, the highly-anticipated fall candles. Not only do they make your house smell good, but these candles also bring warm, inviting, and reasonable options for decor throughout the entire home!

Place a few votives on the fireplace, entryway table, or outdoor patio for a fun fall look, complete with elegance and dimension.

Chunky Knits

Knits are always part of the cozy fall look, from sweaters and scarves to poufs and throw blankets!

While most prefer a cozy and familiar monochrome throw, nothing will reflect the excitement of changing autumn leaves and glowy sunsets quite like a multi-color weave! So get crazy and choose a fall color for your home.

In love with knits? Knit throw blankets and pillows are a fall design favorite, but they can also work year-round when kept in neutral shades like creamy white or soft brown.

Pumpkin x Chocolate Colors

Fall isn’t complete with orange and brown, particularly in the shades of pumpkin and chocolate, as they warm up any interior and reminds us of all the delicious treats of the season (did anyone mention pumpkin spice?).

After all, “sweet” isn’t just for your morning coffees and after-dinner desserts– it can be for your fall decor, too!


Are you feeling a bit nostalgic? Let that feeling out through your home decor!

The Retro Fusion trend is back this fall, and it’s all about a combination of 70’s rich warm color palettes, such as mustard-and-honey yellows, millennial shades of pink, dramatic tones of red and lush greens.

Go for a fusion of Art Deco and Bauhaus lines in your furniture! Besides warm colors and curvy scallop shapes, another bold characteristic of this trend is the return of velvet furnishing.

The once old-fashioned multidimensional fabric is now embraced and reintroduced as new, luxurious, and comforting.

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Fall🍁 is here to stay (at least for a little while), and if you’re looking👀 to re-arrange your home🏠 for the season, we’re here to lend a hand!👍

Check out 2021’s top fall home decor trends🍂🏠 and get everyone inside the house in a cheerful seasonal mood!😍

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