9 Reasons Why You Should Go House-Hunting This Fall

Autumn is finally here! And as we sip our hot cup of pumpkin spice latte (our favorite Fall drink!), the heat from the summer real estate market begins to cool. Well, it’s an established pattern: home sales shoot up every spring and summertime, and then, as the leaves start to change, it all slowly dies down. Then, come November, when holidays are looming, fewer people get the chance to focus on real-estate shopping. That said, Fall may very well be the most optimal time to begin your hunt!

Here are nine reasons why this counterintuitive move may be the best thing you can do if you’re hoping to buy the home of your dreams!

Sellers are more motivated

As previously mentioned, most sellers decide to list their homes when the real estate season is at its peak (a.k.a spring or summer). So, if they find their homes still on the market in fall or winter, they’ll be more eager to close. They may be contending with a major life change, or perhaps the home didn’t find a buyer during peak season. Whatever the case, it’s more likely that they’d be very open to making a deal– and it should be enough reason to buy.

You’ll have more time to think

With few buyers looking, you’re less likely to get yourself involved in a bidding war, where fast action is essential. Avoid competing for a property by taking advantage of the slower pace of the Fall real estate market, and do more comparison shopping to mull your decision more carefully.

Lower rates

You do know that mortgage brokers and bankers have business lulls and holiday bills, too, so they MIGHT be willing to cut a slightly better deal to get it all done. Make sure to shop around and negotiate on interest, points, or down payments. Who knows, there may be room to nudge the numbers in your favor if you tried really hard.

Get a clearer picture of your chosen home

Homes look their best on a gorgeous sunny day, but how will they look when the gray months roll around? The off-season will afford a clearer picture of how the house will hold up under unfavorable weather conditions and how the interiors feel on gloomy days (except for areas with a temperate climate year-round, of course).

Flexible moving dates

A buyer gains power in all kinds of areas when they’re not in a heated race against other buyers. So, if you need an earlier or later closing date, you’re more likely to get your request considered. You may have the leverage to get the seller to adjust their move-out date to better fit your schedule– just ask.

The season offers more revealing views

Landscaping is like makeup for a home– it can camouflage its flaws! When all the leaves have dropped and the blooms start to fade, the real story of a house emerges– the peeling paint jobs, worn areas, foundation cracks, and the likes. These exterior issues will be plain as day!

More neighborhood action

Many neighbors head out for a vacation during summertime, leaving the neighborhoods feeling empty. But, when the fall begins, life kicks into gear again, so it’ll be a great time to visit the neighborhood school and get a more accurate picture of the usual atmosphere on the block.

More handy-type options

Buying and moving into a home during the off-season will give you terrific bargaining power to get the services you need. Fall is a sleepy season for movers, house painters, and contractors, so you’re bound to get faster response times, more attention, and better prices.

Better shopping bargains

Everyone knows that the first thing an excited homeowner does when moving into a new home is shop. It’s inevitable! You’ll need everything from a new fridge to a new rug– and if you’re moving during the holidays or in the winter season, you’ll get to enjoy shopping bargains and seasonal specials, as well as post-holiday sales!

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Autumn🍂 is finally here! And as we sip our hot cup of pumpkin spice latte☕ (our favorite Fall drink!), the heat🔥 from the summer🌞 real estate market🏠 begins to cool. 📉

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