August 24: 9 Ways to Make Your Small Backyard Look Bigger

Not all homeowners are blessed enough to have a huge yard to work with, especially those who live in densely urbanized areas. While young people generally prefer apartments, condos, and smaller houses to save money on rent, having a yard, no matter how small it is, is important to families with growing children. Gardening is also becoming more popular than ever, as it can be a fun way to relax and keep pre-occupied while at home.

Are you stuck with a small, almost non-existent yard? Here are nine simple ways to make your backyard look super-sized than you would’ve thought possible!

Plan your space

Most homeowners mistakenly keep their small yards open and loosely planned, thinking it would make it appear bigger, but the opposite is true. Make your yard look and feel more spacious through organization! Define the spaces in your small yard and make their purpose clear. Separate the play area from the dining or lounging area with plantings, and you’ll immediately feel like there’s so much more space!

Utilize your side yard

Do you have a side yard at your disposal? Most often, side yards are ignored or relegated to store garbage. But, if used correctly, this precious space can help you expand your usable square footage. Use your side yard efficiently by planting a herb garden or add a slim cafe table for a morning coffee retreat. Surely, you can find room for those garbage cans in the garage.

Turn it into a destination

Do you want to create a more picturesque backyard? A small yard will feel grander if you turn it into a destination. Create a dreamy outdoor space with a nicely arranged patio set and grill. You can also choose to add a special feature like a fire pit or a cozy reading nook to make that small spot worth a visit.

Frame a view

If you’ve got the time and budget, architectural features like pergolas and arbors will help make your small yard look bigger. Use either of the two to frame a view, hang a swing, or plant a climbing garden. These backyard structures give the illusion of more space, and their features add interest and character.

Plant the right trees

Having a small yard shouldn’t stop you from planting trees– you just have to choose ones that grow up instead of out. Taller, thinner shapes, such as columnar evergreens, and dwarf varieties of shrubs, will give you lush landscaping without eating up all your space.

Use levels

Incorporate terrace landscaping to help designate space in your small yard. If you elevate your dining area or sink a conversation pit around your outdoor fireplace, your yard will seem bigger.

Choose small furniture

Stop choosing bulky patio furniture for your small yard! Aside from taking up lots of usable space, it also overwhelms your tiny backyard. Go for smaller pieces instead, preferably ones with a see-through pattern to let the eye travel further.

Vertical gardening

Are you a plant lover? Filling your yard with shrubs and flowers will lead to a cluttered feel. To avoid overwhelming your space, grow your garden vertically with hanging baskets, wall-mounted flower pots, or stacked crates of greenery instead! Doing so will add color without taking up precious real estate on the ground.

Texturize it

Select a handful of plants with various textures, like wispy ornamental grasses, coarse Canna lilies, and delicate cosmos. Planting these layers of textured plants and shrubs creates an eye-catching effect that will make your yard look bigger and have more depth.

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