August 19: 9 Best Golf Courses in the World

Golf has, undoubtedly, gone a long way since its debut in Scotland in the 15th century. Now, you can say it’s a sport with a huge following worldwide, with no signs of stopping.

Of course, determining the best golf courses in the world is a different story. It’s such a delicate question that even the brightest golf fans can get riled up into deep discussions. However, it’s undeniable that some golf courses can be deemed masterpieces, with their challenging play areas and picturesque views.

As there are more than 100 amazing golf courses in the world in places like Scotland, Australia, United States, and Ireland, we’ve shouldered the task of rounding up the top nine golf courses worthy of golf travel at least once in your life.

Read on to find out which golf courses made the list!

Royal County Down Golf Club (Ireland)

Come out and hit some putts at the Royal County Down Golf Club, one of the best luxury golf courses in Newcastle, Northern Ireland. The famous golf course is over 100 years old, designed by Tom Morris in 1889, and its field is lined up along the shoreline while overlooking the Irish Sea.

The par 72 course boasts 6,968 yards with a fierce wind, deep bunkers, and gorse that add challenge to the game, plus one of the nine most striking frontals in the world. It’s why Royal County Down Golf Club has hosted multiple tournaments, the Curtis Cup, the British Amateur Cup, the Walker Cup, the Irish Open, and the Palmer Cup.

Pine Valley Golf Club (USA)

Though Pine Valley Golf Club is yet to host any world golf events, the golf course should not be disregarded. Located in New Jersey, USA, it is nestled in an arid landscape, a manmade oasis surrounded by palm trees. It also seamlessly blends different course layouts, including Heroic, Penalty, and Strategic golf layouts.

Royal Melbourne Golf Club (Australia)

Travel to the eastern part of Australia, and you’ll come across Royal Melbourne Golf Club, a two 18-hole golf course that offers various challenges amidst its seemingly serene greens. The Australian golf course is designed by American architect Dr. Alister MacKenzie and features deep bunkers and contoured greens that make it a difficult feat, even for seasoned players. The private golf club boasts a par 72 with 6,598 yards on the East course and 6,598 yards on the West course.

Cypress Point Club (USA)

Located in California, USA, along Pebble Beach, Cypress Point Club possess one of the most striking characteristics a golf course can have– its surroundings. The golf course provides an incredible ocean scene, with a cold ocean breeze whisking away as you enjoy a great game of golf. While this golf course is not the longest out of the bunch, at around 6500 yards in length, many enthusiasts find the golf course to be a delightful one. A crowd’s favorite, indeed!

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club (USA)

Designed by William Flynn, the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club is considered a legend in the country. The 6,996-yard golf course combines the fairway and the ocean to create a picturesque location for new and experienced golf players alike. The Shinnecock Hills Golf Club boasts undulating terrain, variable winds, and a green area bunker, making any game an extreme challenge.

Oakmont Country Club (USA)

Located in Pennsylvania, USA, Oakmont Country Club was designed by an avid golfer, Henry Fownes, in 1903. Standing notorious at 7,255 yards, the course’s undulating greens, deep roughness, and drainage ditches can put the skills of any golf enthusiast to the test.

Augusta National Golf Club (USA)

An American golf course designed by Bobby Jones and Dr. Alister MacKenzie in 1932, Augusta National Golf Club is located in Georgia. Over the years, the golf course has been vigorously improved to be the unforgettable course we know today. It also boasts a rich history, being the all-time host for the annual Masters’ Tournament every April.

Royal Dornoch (UK)

Did you know that golf was first played in Royal Dornoch in 1616? Yes, that was long ago! In fact, it makes it the third-oldest course in history! Located at the northern tip of the Scottish Highlands, Royal Dornoch is a classic and quirky link that makes players feel like they’re worlds away from Edinburgh. With its classic round-trip layout, stunning views of the coastline, and championship courses, the UK golf club is a must-play for any golfer in Scotland.

Pebble Beach Golf Links (USA)

Welcome to Pebble Beach Links, America’s first major public seaside golf course! The good news is, as the golf club is not restricted to members, anyone can experience playing at the famous American golf course. And who would pass up on the chance to hit putts at the par-72, with 6,737 yards at their disposal? Not to mention, Pebble Beach Golf Links also boasts beautiful fairways that run along the Pacific Ocean. Talk about a stunning view!

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