August 18: 9 Tips on How to Declutter Your Mind

As a working parent, it’s not uncommon to feel like your brain is in serious overdrive. The stream of clutter can slowly turn your mental space into a chaotic mess, and if you’ve gotten to that point, it may mean that your mind is already waving a red flag, begging you to free up some headspace.

Yes, clutter is everywhere, even in our minds. And just like our cabinets and cupboards, our minds need some tidying up too. Getting rid of all that non-essential mental and emotional baggage is crucial to stay focused, motivated, and productive.

So, to help out with your dilemma, here are nine simple yet effective tips to help you declutter your mind.

Priorities are a must

Proactively take charge of your life by setting goals and priorities. What are the things that matter to you most? What are your aspirations and your long-term goals? When you figure out the answers to your questions, prepare a list of your top priorities and ensure that your actions and future decision reflect those priorities. While it’s inevitable to have your priorities shift or change as you grow older, checking in with yourself regularly will ensure that those priorities you’ve set are still serving you.

Start a journal

Did you know that journaling can relax your mind? Analyzing your thoughts and emotions may help eliminate intrusive thoughts about any negative events and improve your working memory. Thus, keeping a daily journal will help manage that anxiety and cope with depression and act as a healthy outlet to release suppressed emotions. For beginners, bullet journaling is one of the easiest techniques.

Learn to let go

Acceptance is key. Letting go of all negative thoughts and emotions will help you avoid feeling bogged down. Eliminate those unnecessary thoughts, fears, and concerns to reduce stress, boost self-esteem, and free up headspace. Be conscious enough to monitor your thoughts regularly and try to counter negative thoughts with positive ones. Self-love is the ultimate goal.

Try to avoid multitasking

It sounds counter-productive, doesn’t it? But in reality, forcing yourself to multitask when you’re not really up for it is not helpful at all. Constant juggling between tasks limits your attention span and may increase stress and additional clutter for your brain. Try to single-task as much as possible. Though occasional multitasking shouldn’t pose any harm, keeping a simple and realistic to-do list will be much better. Start with the most important task and make your way down the list.

Take a deep breathe

Deep breathing is a simple yet effective technique to clear the mind, induce tranquility, and elevate your mood instantly. Plus, it lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, too! Practice taking a deep breath whenever you feel pressed for time. Aside from relieving your stress, doing so will promote concentration and strengthen your immunity, as well.

Learn to be decisive

Constantly putting off making decisions will force your brain to become overwhelmed with clutter created by pending decisions. Stop procrastinating and make that call! In making simple decisions, carefully evaluate the pros and cons and don’t look back once you’ve made up your mind.

Share your thoughts

Talking to someone about what you feel can help release pent-up emotions. Share your thoughts with someone you trust will help you look at things from a fresh perspective, making you think clearer and make better decisions.

Limit media intake

Did you know that the media you consume will have a huge impact on your mental health? The hours that you spend online will give an abundance of information that could clog your brain, and this will cause stress and anxiety. Start setting a limit on the amount of time you spend on social media. You can also try being selective about your media consumption and organize your email regularly.


Don’t be afraid to take a well-deserved break! Your brain needs to rest and recharge to perform smoothly. Switch off your phones and laptops and do something that brings you happiness. Whether it’s a long nap or a walk in the park, as long as it makes you smile, go for it!

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Clutter is everywhere🧩, even in our minds🧠. And just like our cabinets and cupboards, our minds need some tidying up too. 🧹🤔

So, to help you stay focused, motivated, and productive👍, here are 9⃣ simple yet effective tips💡 to help you declutter your mind.🧠💭

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