August 4: 9 Money-Saving Tips You Can Do Everyday

Whether your saving goals are as small as buying a new pair of shoes or going on a holiday trip, or as grand as saving for a deposit to buy a new house, cutting down costs to save some money is never easy. Different kinds of temptations lurk at every corner, trying to sabotage your financial goals with trinkets and takeouts, most of which you can actually avoid buying if you tried really hard.

Turn that loose change into folding money! While you may not have control over the rise and fall of the economy, always remember that you DO have control over the actions you choose to take. Check out these nine money-saving tips and make a few small lifestyle changes to reach your ultimate financial goal!

Identify the wants from the needs

Most of us don’t realize how much we spend on things we don’t NEED. Do you really need that 50-inch flat-screen television when you still have one that’s working perfectly? When money is tight, always remember that you shouldn’t spend unless absolutely necessary.

Avoid using credit to pay bills

Credit cards may be a convenient way to pay bills and other purchases, but they will also increase your monthly payments in the future. Try using your credit cards at a minimum and always have cash at hand to keep better track of your spending.

Always write a shopping list

How many times have you walked into a supermarket to buy a FEW items and ended up strolling out with a tub of expensive ice cream, new nail polish, 5kg of Himalayan Rock Salt that was on special, and a bunch of other stuff you didn’t need?

Writing a shopping list can help you avoid any supermarket slip-ups. While we know it won’t be easy, sticking to your list is your key to success. Follow it to the letter and encourage yourself to stay on track!

Invite your friends to a night-in

It’s so easy to spend money when you’re out in the town, especially with your best buds in tow. So, to avoid burning a hole in your pockets, try inviting your friends to a night-in at your home! A board game night, movie night, or a low-key dinner party are all great, affordable ways to blow off steam.

Reduce food waste

Take a moment to check how much food you’ve been throwing out. Is there a way you can reduce this much waste?

Get creative with your food! Did you know that stale bread can be blended into bread crumbs? That wilted spinach can be frozen and added into a smoothie? Check your fridge and find more ways to use your food scraps without resorting to just throwing them out.

Check your subscriptions

Aren’t we all guilty of paying for subscription services that we don’t use on a daily? Review your subscriptions and choose the ones you really use and want to keep. You could also chat with the family and discuss sharing a subscription and splitting the costs!

Cut down on your take-outs

Let’s face it– no one can resist a no-fuss takeout! I mean, who wouldn’t want to skip kitchen duties, especially on a hot summer night?

Reconsider buying your family takeouts unless absolutely necessary. Even if the meal isn’t expensive, doing it frequently can really add up. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll be saving if you cook your meals and stop relying on restaurants for your meals.

Be more conscious about your electricity consumption

Make sure to turn off and unplug appliances when not in use. You can also buy energy-efficient light bulbs to cut costs on your energy bill. Being more conscious about your electricity consumption can help save a few dollars if you do it every day.

Do research before spending

Is cheaper always better? Well, not always.

For everyday necessities, you’ll find that it’s worth spending a little more to buy something that lasts. Of course, a sturdy $100 frying pan will work better than having to buy three $40 frying pans that keep on breaking. Always do enough research before spending, and don’t be afraid to dole out a bit more if it’ll mean saving in the long term.

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