July 23: 9 Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Backyard for Outdoor Summer Play

The Summer season is in full swing, and it’s the best time for some outdoor play. Yes, playing outdoors is a vital part of childhood, but these days, the messy outdoors faces stiff competition from internet surfing, TV shows, and video games– unless you have a kid-friendly backyard, that is.

Get your kids to rough it out in the comforts of your backyard with the proper setup for outdoor summer play! If you’re looking for a way to get your kids off that tablet and out in the sun, here are nine backyard play area ideas to get everyone in the house out the door!

Sandbox (6 months to 5+ years old)

Start them young like they always say! Children as little as a year old can enjoy digging their toes into their sandboxes! Use sand play as a tool in your child’s development through digging, filling, pouring, and pushing sand using scoops and buckets! These activities help develop important motor and muscle skills, as well as hand-eye coordination.

Buy your sandboxes online or build a relatively easy one at home– make sure to change your sand out every once or twice a year, though, for safety precautions.

Bucket-Style Baby Swings (6 months – 4 years old)

Repetitive movements are a treat for older toddlers, so we’re sure they’ll love the fun of a bucket-seat baby swing! Be sure to hang the swing from a secure spot. If hanging from a tree, check the strength of the wood before setting up everything.

Climbing Tires (6 months – 4 years old)

Do you want a low-cost DIY backyard play idea? Younger kids won’t get tired of climbing tires! These fun, brightly-colored tires provide an easy-to-reach feature that will allow kids to pull themselves up while learning to walk.

DIY Playhouse (3 – 6+ years old)

Let your kids’ imaginations run wild with a place that brings their toys to life. A DIY playhouse can be your child’s haven, and the good news is, it’s not too complicated to build. However, if spending time on creating one won’t fit your schedule, here are a few alternatives to try in your backyard:

  • Build a lean-to using sticks and branches from your yard.
  • Use PVC pipe and waterproof canvas to create an outdoor fort.
  • Create a reading nook with some plywood and a few pine boards.
  • Let them build their fort with a set of oversized foam building blocks.

Mud Kitchen (3 – 7+ years old)

Getting dirty is part of a kid-friendly backyard, so you might as well put a little more dirt in it with a mud kitchen! With just an old kitchen sink and a few pallets, you’ll be able to create a delightfully messy play area your kids will enjoy all summer long!

Backyard Campsite (3 – 10+ years old)

Camping will always be an outdoor staple, but if you’re not too keen on letting your kid go on a real camping trip just yet, a backyard campsite is a perfect alternative to test the waters. Find a soft spot in the yard for your ten and make sure it’s free of roots, rocks, and moisture. Set up your tent or a backyard teepee, and let the camping fun begin!

Treehouse (6 – 13 years old)

Have you got a large, sturdy tree in your backyard? Give your kids an incredible place to make childhood memories all summer by building a DIY treehouse! Doing so will encourage your kids to get out and enjoy nature right in their backyards.

Climbing Wall (6 – 13 years old)

Let your older kids build upper body strength and let off steam through climbing walls! You can purchase a pre-made one or start a DIY, but make sure to provide a safe surface for your kids to fall into. Remember that these surfaces should be smooth and free of tripping hazards. Check for tree stumps, roots, and rocks too!

DIY Backyard Sports Field (6+ years old)

Sport-minded kids will have fun honing their skills through a low-cost DIY backyard sports field! Use a temporary grass chalk paint to create field boundaries and goal posts, or use orange cones to replicate the real thing! You can also add some sideline seating and stadium lights to allow them to play even at night.

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If you’re looking for a way to get your kids off that tablet📱❌ and out in the sun☀, here are 9⃣ backyard play area ideas💡 to get everyone in the house out the door!🏠

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