July 16: 9 Tips in Organizing a Safe Backyard BBQ Party

With COVID-19 still affecting the entire world, even after more than a year into the pandemic, nothing will really be the same as before. From choosing to stay indoors to maintaining a safe distance from loved ones, indeed, it has been a testing time for everyone.

This summer, bbq events, and gatherings will be inevitable, but also a bit different, especially with party food being restrictive, fewer activities to do than in the past years, and of course, fewer interactions. But still, if you’re someone who loves social gatherings and hosting people at home, it’s possible to arrange one such event in your backyard while following some precautionary measures and guidelines.

Get ready to plan a fun BUT safe summer backyard BBQ party! Here are nine precautionary tips you can observe as a host so that everyone will have a memorable (and socially distant) experience at your party this sunny season!

Keep your guest list small

Large gatherings make it difficult to maintain social distancing, so make sure to keep your BBQ party intimate, at least for now, so that everyone can remain 6 feet apart at all times. It will not only help you to be safe but will also keep others’ safety in hand.

Also, don’t forget to get numbers, names, and a little other info about them beforehand. In the worst case, if someone gets infected, you’ll at least have information about who visited and gathered.

Set expectations in advance

Set some guidelines you’d like your guests to follow, like using the washroom, how you’ll serve the party food during the event, starting and closing time of the barbeque, etc. Doing so will help everyone coming over have a clear idea of what to expect.

Clean and disinfect surfaces and shared items

Use EPA-approved disinfectants when cleaning and disinfecting commonly-touched surfaces like doorknobs, tables, chairs, etc., to avoid the spread of any germs and viruses. It’s important to be proactive and alert– always wipe and disinfect after every touch or use.

Make sure everything is outdoors

Try to keep everyone out and distanced from the inside as much as possible, except when using washrooms. As a host, you must devote a dedicated route to the washrooms to avoid anyone wandering indoors unintentionally.

Keep the seating and eating situation organized

Try to dedicate a separate table and distanced chairs, so there’s enough room for everyone to walk around and still be seated comfortably.

As for the eating situation, only a few people should be dedicated to serving the food, ideally, one person from each household or table. If you can go for pre-plated meals to avoid any possible contact, it would be much better.

Carefully plan the menu and dishes

A BBQ party during Covid is pretty different from your usual BBQ gatherings. You’ll want to avoid communal dishes such as chips, packets of buns, shared condiments, etc., and serve the food directly off the grill.

Choose a menu with dishes such as fish fillets, hot dogs, burgers, chicken thighs, etc., which won’t need much handling or carving after cooking, and ensure the least number of contact check-points to take care of.

Put out individual drinking cups for everyone

Sharing utensils and drinking cups are a big no-no, even without the pandemic to consider! So, do yourself and everyone a favor by handing out individual drinking cups for your party guests. If you’re using disposable cups, put out a pen they can use to put their names on the cups. If using drinking glasses or flutes, try to make them as color-coded or unique from each other as possible.

Avoid physical contact at all costs

We know you missed seeing your friends and family, but any physical contact is STILL a no-no, especially when trying to avoid COVID-19. Just putting it out there in case anyone forgets.

Make sure alcohols and sanitizers are within reach

To make sure that everyone’s keeping clean and sanitized while enjoying each other’s company, have sanitizers and alcohols within reach. Place spray bottles and sanitizer pumps in strategic locations so that the spread of any virus can be avoided and contained.

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Get ready to plan a fun 👏BUT safe✔ summer backyard BBQ party! ☀🍔🍢Here are 9⃣ precautionary tips💡 you can observe as a host so that everyone will have a memorable❤️ (and socially distant) experience at your party this sunny season!😍🌞

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