July 14: 9 Ways to Boost Memory, Focus, and Mental Skills

The brain is, arguably, the most vital part of our body. Needless to say, this small but very functional body part is involved in everything we do, and like any organ or extremity, we need to take care of it, too!

Brain exercises can improve memory, focus, or daily functionality, and getting our brains in tip-top shape should be our number one priority, especially as we get older. That said, here are a few simple activities you can include in your daily life so you can hone your mental sharpness and help your brain stay healthy, no matter what age you are!

Solve some jigsaw puzzles

Did you know that doing jigsaw puzzles puts multiple cognitive abilities at work? It’s because putting one together will involve looking at different pieces and figuring out where they fit within the large picture. So whether you’re putting together a whopping 1,000-piece image or just passing the time with a 100-piece Mickey Mouse puzzle, working on a puzzle can be a great way to challenge and exercise your brain.

Try your hand at classic card games

Have you forgotten the last time you played a game of cards? Well, you better get your hands on a deck! Research shows that a quick card game can lead to greater brain volume in several regions of the brain and can even improve memory and thinking skllls! So, try learning one of these tried-and-true card games on your spare time:

  • solitaire
  • bridge
  • gin rummy
  • poker
  • hearts
  • crazy eights

Expand your vocabulary

Having a rich vocabulary can make you sound smart, but did you know that you can also turn a short vocab lesson into an effective brain exercise? Try expanding your vocabulary by keeping a notebook with you every time you’re reading, and write down the unfamiliar words you encounter. Look up the definition and try to use that word five times the next day!

Dance it out

Dancers, don’t be afraid to dance your heart out! Learning new dance moves can increase your brain’s processing speed and memory, so bust a move and let your brain thank you for it! You can take an online dance class or just watch an online video with fun dance moves you’ve always wanted to groove to. Whichever you choose, we’re sure it’ll be a good exercise for your body and brain!

Stimulate all your senses

Give your senses and your brain a workout by doing activities that simultaneously engage all five of your senses. Try baking, shopping at a farmer’s market, or eating at a new restaurant. Focus smelling, touching, tasting, seeing, and hearing all at the same time– using all your senses help strengthen your brain AND sharpen your focus and memory too!

Learn something new

Is there a hobby or skill you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t gotten to it? Learning something new is not only fun and interesting, but it also helps strengthen the connections in your brain! Help improve your memory function while having fun while you’re at it!

Teach someone a new skill

One of the best ways to empower yourself (and your brain) is to teach a skill to another person. Yes, you read it right! After learning a new skill, you’ll need to practice it. Teaching it to someone else will require you to explain the concept and correct any mistakes along the way, therefore sharpening your mind and allowing you to help others– all at the same time!

Listen and play music

Increase your creative brain power by turning on some tunes!

Listening to happy music helps generate more innovative solutions compared to being in silence. So don’t be afraid to crank up some feel-good music while you’re doing some creative thinking! Learn a new instrument, too, while you’re at it! Your brain will thank you for it!


Daily meditation is a great way to calm your body, slow your breathing, and reduce your stress and anxiety. It also helps you fine-tune your memory and increase your brain’s ability to process information. So, start finding a quiet spot where you can close your eyes and spend five minutes meditating each day to help improve your mental functionality!

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The brain🧠 is, arguably, the most vital part of our body🧍‍♀. And like any body part, you’ll need to care for it, too!❤️

Try these few activities👍 and hone your mental sharpness to help your brain stay healthy!🧠💯

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