July 7: 9 Helpful Tips in Dealing with Anxiety at Work

Are you feeling anxious or stressed with your job right now? Well, you’re certainly not alone! With the novel coronavirus still running loose (yes, we’re one year into this pandemic!), it’s hard to keep cool with a rain cloud over our heads all the time. Add that to having to completely change your routine, adapt to social distancing protocols, and limit social interaction, and you’re likely to be feeling a little off on the job– at least!

Even without the added pressures of COVID-19, work-related stress is a major issue for Americans, and we all know that taking on responsibilities and carrying on with daily tasks can be especially difficult for individuals dealing with anxiety, which along with depression, is a leading cause of disability. So, to help you manage your work anxiety, here are nine helpful tips to assist you during this difficult time.

Don’t change the way you LIVE

If you’ve been diagnosed with anxiety, always remember to avoid limiting yourself. Strive to fully participate in life despite your bodily experience of anxiety– anywhere at any time. Be willing and accepting of that range of experiences while continuing to act on what is important to you. Doing so will lead you in the right direction to cease your struggle with anxiety. While this may sound hard to do while trying to practice social distancing, activities like journaling, yoga, and
meditation can help one feel fully present in the moment.

Stop suppressing your anxiety

Stifling your feelings may do more harm than good. Know that everyone experiences anxiety as it is a normal stress response. Don’t suppress it when it shows up. Practice acceptance rather than trying to push your feelings away. Remind yourself that anxiety is showing up to try to bring your attention to something. So, allow some space for anxiety while you’re working, and you’ll render it less bothersome in the long run.

Always be mindful

Check up on yourself every once in a while. Approach your anxiety with curiosity rather than reject it. Ask yourself what you notice when it shows up– what are you thinking and feeling?

Confront your anxieties head on

Deal with your anxiety head-on. If you’re feeling nervous about public speaking, take an online class to improve your speaking skills. If you’re feeling too shy to talk to your co-workers, try to strike up a convo with them via video chat. Push yourself to enter situations that lead to anxiety to demonstrate that you can persevere and succeed despite anxiety. It may sound scary to expose yourself to anxiety-ridden situations, but it’ll help change your relationship with anxiety and increase your confidence in these situations.

Self-care is key

Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Listening to your feelings, healthy lifestyle practices, good nutrition, and sleep are important to well-being, resilience, and healthy stress management.

Take a break

Did you know that changing your pace or scenery from time to time can help manage anxiety? Find ways to do this while social distancing! Bask in the sun in your backyard or go for a stroll in a neighborhood park. When taking precautions, the risks of spreading or contracting the virus in the open air are slim.

Progressive muscle relaxation can help

Help your mind and body relax and ease up with exercises. Diaphragmatic breathing or other relaxation-inducing practices can reduce stress by helping to encourage the relaxation response.

Stay connected

Don’t be afraid to seek a little help from your friends. Social support is vital to managing stress, and maintaining connections to your family and friends can do a world of good!

Limit coffee intake

That latte in the morning is not your friend– especially when we’re talking about managing anxiety. Keep your caffeine consumption to a minimum to decrease your heart rate and physiological symptoms of anxiety.

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Are you feeling anxious😰 or stressed☹️ with your job right now?🤔 Well, you’re certainly not alone!🤗 Even without the added pressures of COVID-19😷, work-related stress is already a major issue for Americans.😓

So, to help you manage your work anxiety🤓, here are 9⃣ helpful tips💡 to assist you during this difficult time.✔👍

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