July 5: 9 Benefits of Having a Good Home Warranty

Indeed, a home is one of the biggest investments a person can buy for himself and his loved ones. That said, it’s only proper that homeowners get all the necessary documents and requirements to help protect this investment, including a good home warranty!

A home warranty coverage provides an extra layer of financial protection in certain unforeseen events, but the benefits don’t stop there! Read on and find out nine more benefits a home warranty provides for your home.

Better price negotiations

Having a good home warranty will discourage any possibility of downward price negotiations during the sale of your home, as having this requirement reassures potential buyers that unexpected system failures will be covered.

Protects your listed home

If you’re a seller who’s not willing to sink money into repairing or replacing expensive appliances on a home you’re leaving, then you’re in luck! Having a home warranty offers you protection from these costs while your home is on the market.

Saves you from high-dollar system repair costs

A good home warranty will typically cover repair and replacement costs of high-dollar systems like air-conditioning, which can cost thousands of dollars to replace without any warranty.

Access to a comprehensive network

Did you know that home warranties grant you access to a more comprehensive network of contractors for your home? This approved list of contractors is continuously monitored and graded based on their performance, so you can expect a worry-free transaction every time.

Peace of mind

A lot of problems can arise when you’re in the process of buying a home, but with a home warranty, buyers can have that peace of mind that when a problem comes up, it’ll be handled without any fuss.

Good deals on appliances

Good news! Buyers with home warranties will have access to good deals and wholesale pricing on appliances through the warranty company’s network of appliance vendors!

Enhanced home marketability

If you’re looking to sell your home ASAP, having a home warranty enhances your home’s marketability, especially when a buyer is trying to choose between an existing home and new construction. Your home warranty can level the playing field with offers on repairs and replacement coverage for used appliances.

Help manage sale risks

Yes, sellers who fail to disclose any information about systems and appliances in their home can lead to post-closing litigations, a situation you must avoid at all costs. Having a home warranty helps you manage that risk.

Provides relief for first-time homeowners on a budget

More often than not, first-time homeowners will have tight budgets after coughing up a big downpayment. A good home warranty will help cover the cost of a major system failure early in their homeownership, which will relieve the new homeowners of dipping their savings into repairs.

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