June 24: The World’s Top 9 Hottest Countries

Now that we’re a few days ’til the hot summer season, we’re pretty sure most, if not all, of you are already fearing the impending scorching heat. And if you’re from the South, you’re bound to get it harder than the rest because, well, we all know how hot the Southern weather can be!

Fellows, here’s a newsflash for you: if you think you’ve got it the worst wherever you are, think again. Countries closer to the Earth’s equator (zero degrees latitude) experience warmer temperatures year-round versus countries farther north or south of the equator. And if you’re not living in the top hottest countries, then consider yourself blessed!

Here are the nine hottest countries in the world:

Burkina Faso, Africa

Did you know that Burkina Faso, which has an average temperature of 28.25°C, is the hottest country in the world? A landlocked West African nation, Burkina Faso is situated just north of the equator. Their dry season, which lasts for more than half of the year, sees dry winds blow in from the Sahara, and the main respite comes during the rainy season in the middle of the year. In fact, the country’s average highs are above 30°C in all twelve months in the capital Ouagadougou, and at night, it’s extremely rare to see temperatures below the high teens or early 20s!

Mali, Africa

Mali is situated directly to the north of Burkina Faso but is a much larger country. Also landlocked, Mali is denied any cool ocean breezes, but unlike Burkina Faso, it has a large, Saharan region with the same dry Saharan winds blowing across the country. The country’s capital Bamako lies in a small southern part of the country where much of the Malian population lives away from the extremes of the Sahara. Even so, the capital city still experiences a similar climate to that of Ouagadougou, with average temperatures topping 30°C in all twelve months, and only the monsoon season between June and October brings the much-needed respite.

Kiribati, Oceania

Welcome to the hottest country in Oceania, Kiribati. Located in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean, Kiribati is an island nation straddling the equator with several tiny atolls spread over a large area. Most of the country’s residents live on the island of Tarawa, with hardly any variation in temperatures throughout the year. Average highs are consistently around 31°C from January to December, with night-time lows hovering just over 25°C.

Djibouti, Africa

Djibouti, a small East African nation, joins the fourth spot in our list, where the average temperatures are around 28°C. The country’s Djibouti City ranks as the world’s third hottest city, after nearby Bosaso and Assab. Most areas in Djibouti experience a hot desert climate with little variation throughout the year. However, there are still small mountain regions in the country with towns that experience a much cooler climate, such as Airolaf, where the overall daily mean temperatures are around 19°C.

Tuvalu, Oceania

The top five on the list is Tuvalu, another island nation in the Pacific. With a land area of just 26km², it ranks as the fourth-smallest country, next to the Vatican, Monaco, and Nauru. As with Kiribati, rising sea levels are causing a threat to its sheer existence, one of the most striking examples of the effects of climate change in the world today. Tuvalu is only 4.6 meters above sea level at its very highest point, and storms bring the threat of serious threat of major flooding. When it comes to the country’s hot weather, Tuvalu experiences a similar climate to Kiribati, with temperatures fluctuating between 27 and 31°C most days.

Senegal, Africa

With Senegal’s northern section within the Sahel region, and a savannah landscape typifying much of its central and southern parts, this African country is at number six on this list. Located in western Africa to the south of Mauritania, west of Mail, and the north of Guinea, Senegal is in a prime position to receive hot weather. Its proximity to the Equator ensures that the country receives a hot climate constantly. The hottest temperature recorded in the country is at a whopping 50.5 °C, and the average yearly daytime temperature exceeds 34°C for its interior.

Mauritania, Africa

Nestled in north-western Africa, it’s not surprising that Mauritania has such a high average temperature and is at the 7th spot of the list. Bordered by Senegal to the south, Mali to the south and east, and the countries of Algeria and Western Sahara to the north, the western side of the country is most likely to be the coolest area since it borders directly onto the Atlantic Ocean. The country’s yearly daily temperature ranges from 13°C to 40°C, and its average daytime temperature exceeds 38°C over half the year.

Maldives, South Asia

The Maldives are a chain of small islands around 541 miles (870 km) in length, located in the Indian Ocean to the southwest of India and Sri Lanka. The island’s capital, Malé, is situated 4.2° north of the Equator, and these islands inevitably experience warm and humid weather constantly. The island’s highest recorded temperature is at 37°C, and its average yearly daytime temperature is 30°C.

Palau, Micronesia

Palau is an island nation in the western Pacific Ocean, with the Philippines to its east and Indonesia to its south. Located between 2.8°and 8° north of the Equator, this tropical island experiences a guaranteed warm and humid climate all year round. The warm temperature of the surrounding Pacific Ocean ensures that Palau’s temperature does not drop quickly at night after spending a day being heated by the overhead Sun. The island’s hottest recorded temperature is 35°C, and its average yearly daytime temperature is 31°C. At night, the average temperature does not drop by more than 5.5 °C.

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