June 18: 9 Fun and Socially Distanced Activities for Father’s Day Weekend

While the COVID-19 vaccine rollout is well underway and many areas have started to ease up on restrictions, we’re pretty sure that the pandemic will still have an impact on many people’s Father’s Day celebrations this year. But, being in the same kind of situation for more than a year, we now know that observing social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and celebrate all the dads, grandpas, stepdads, fathers-in-law, and other father figures in your life. In fact, there are plenty of Father’s Day activities you can do, whether you’re celebrating in person or planning a virtual one, to make it a memorable weekend for your dad or husband.

Make the special men in your life smile on their special day! Check out this list of 9 fun and socially distanced activities you can do on Father’s Day weekend.

Spoil Dad with some breakfast in bed

A delicious breakfast in bed with all of his favorite brekky treats will surely make your Dad’s entire day! And remember, you can’t go wrong with adding bacon to everything!

Finish a D-I-Y task together

Most dads are hands-on guys, so spending the whole weekend tinkering on a new D-I-Y task or project will be the perfect activity to celebrate Father’s Day. Try your hand at constructing a treehouse, painting a birdhouse, or working on the car together. We’re pretty sure Dad will appreciate it very much!

Fire up that backyard grill

We all know that there’s no better way to get to a father’s heart than the word “barbecue,” so grab the best meats like racks of ribs, wagyu beef burgers, and extravagant steaks you can find and have a go at firing up that backyard grill this weekend! Invite a few people and make it an INTIMATE backyard bbq party while you’re at it!

Create an At-Home BEER Tasting

Pick up some beers for several local breweries (and get some of your dad’s faves, too!) and toast to Dad this Father’s Day! An At-Home Beer tasting will surely be a great gift, especially if there’s an exciting baseball game playing in the background!

Arrange an indoor picnic

Start rearranging your furniture in your living room to create the perfect setting for your special picnic indoors! Complete the set-up with a plaid picnic blanket, a woven picnic basket, and your husband’s favorite snacks and lunchtime goodies. Be sure to open up those big windows to let the natural sunlight in– it may not be as picturesque as an outdoor picnic, but at least you won’t have any bugs to worry about!

Pamper him with an in-house spa sesh

Contrary to popular belief, men also enjoy the relaxing benefits of a spa day! So, for this Father’s Day weekend, make your husband feel like a king on this special day– grab some sheet masks from your nearest store, put out the creams and lotions, and start the in-house pamper session, complete with a soothing massage!

Camping is always a good idea

Surprise your dad with an outdoor adventure and arrange a camping trip the whole family will enjoy! There’s so much exploring and bonding to be had on an outdoor getaway like camping, so pitch in a tent at the nearest forest preserve or camping site, make some s’mores for the family, and do a little stargazing. However, if you still feel a little apprehensive about doing it, then camping in the comforts of your backyard will also do. It’s the bonding experience that matters anyway!

Plan a fishing trip

If you’ve got an angler husband, then he’d love nothing more than to celebrate Father’s Day weekend at a local fishing hole. It’ll be a great way to teach the kids something new while spending the day outside in nature– and catching some delicious fish to cook and eat too!

Go on a long drive with the family

We know you’ve missed taking long drives and road trips with the family, so this Father’s Day weekend, plan one and put a smile on everyone’s faces! Of course, it’s still best to check and see if there are any COVID-19 travel restrictions or advisories in place before you load up everyone in the car and hit the road. Even if it’s not a grand vacation, a long drive to a new place will still be the next best thing, setting up a trip to let him see sights he’s never seen before!

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