June 16: 9 Gift Ideas for Dad for Father’s Day 2021

It’s tricky finding a unique gift for Dad (or your husband!) year after year for Father’s Day, especially now that we’ve been celebrating it amidst a pandemic, two years in a row. Sure, a shiny new tech gadget, a stash of grooming essentials, or those outdoorsy grilling and golfing gear will usually suffice, but if you’re looking to give him a surprise of a lifetime, we’ll help you switch things up!

Uncover new gift ideas for Dad and make him feel extra special this year– we’ve rounded up nine unique gifts your husbands and dads are guaranteed to love, no matter what type of hobby or activity they might be into!

Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug

The summer heat is bound to get us sweaty and THIRSTY, so we bet you Dad is going to love a new stainless steel vacuum insulated mug/flask for Father’s Day this year! Seriously though, who wouldn’t want a water bottle that can keep drinks ice-cold for 24 hours? And we mean ANY kind of drink! wink wink

A New Wallet/Note Sleeve

Have you ever noticed how most men ALWAYS choose to keep their old note sleeves and wallets, no matter how worn out it gets? Yes, those wallets have seen a lot of wear and tear over the years, and by now, it’s probably just a gentle nudge away from crumbling into dust. So do your Dad (and yourself!) a favor and buy him a wallet for Father’s Day. It’s a simple yet useful gift that he’ll surely appreciate!

A Portable Grill

Is there an image more typical than your Dad slaving at the grill all summer, serving hot dogs, hamburgers, and steaks? If you’re looking to up your dad’s grill game this year, gift him with a portable grill to get his summer off to a great start! The thought of him grilling out of the confines of his backyard ’til his heart’s content? Priceless.

Personalized Cooking Utensils

We know most of you associate cooking utensils with moms and wives, in general, but if your husband is into cooking, then buying him a new, personalized set of kitchen utensils will be your best bet! You can agree that there’s no better feeling than using shiny, stainless steel kitchen “tools” for serving up your family’s meal, all while feeling like you’re starring in your own cooking show!

Beer Bouquet

We’re pretty sure your husbands won’t care much for a bouquet of roses, but they would if it’s a bouquet of their favorite beer! Buy cans of their go-to beer brand and arrange it, flower bouquet style! You can wrap it in fancy paper and make paper flowers to top as design. It’ll be a great surprise, indeed, especially if it’s ice-cold!

Massage Gift Certificate

Dads and husbands, in general, do most of the hard labor, so for Father’s Day, give him the chance to relax and unwind! Treat him to some massage and spa gift certificates scheduled at his most convenient day, and let me tell you, he’ll come back from the sesh feeling refreshed and energized!

Customized Father’s Day “Coupons”

Printable Father’s Day coupons are the perfect last-minute, personalized gift you can give your husband and father on Father’s Day! It’s quirky, cheap, and it can be everything your Dad will want on his SPECIAL day (I mean, who DOESN’T want a free back rub every night for a week?)! Just personalize, print, and punch a few holes, tie the bunch with a cute ribbon, and call it a day!

A New Set of Tools for Tinkering

If your husband is the “jack-of-all-trades” type of dad, then a new toolset will surely float his boat! Splurge on an expensive brand, or add new kinds of tools to his existing one– whatever route you choose, we know he’ll love the gesture!

Lifetime Subscription/Membership

If your dad is a big hobbyist, like collecting books, comics, or if he’s interested to learn something new, then a lifetime subscription or membership is a no-brainer gift you can give him on Father’s Day! Get him a Book of the Month Club membership or pay for an annual MasterClass membership and help him learn how to cook– this simple yet meaningful gift will surely last him a lifetime (no pun intended)!

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