June 8: Beat the Heat: 9 Tips to Keep Your House Cool this Summer

When you hear the word “Summer,” we know most of you automatically think BBQs, beach, dips in the pool, and family vacays– but we know that’s not all that this well-loved season brings!

There are days in the summertime where the harsh sun isn’t quite as fun, and cranking up the air conditioning at home seems like our only chance at survival. Yes, we’ve all been there– those excruciatingly hot days when you feel like living inside a freezer and forget about your shockingly high bill next quarter. Yet, despite the immense heat, we all know it’s important to be cautious in using too much high energy in cooling our homes in the summer as it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

Are you torn between avoiding a heat stroke and saving money while being kind to Mother Earth? Say no more! Here are our nine cost-effective and environment-friendly tips to help keep you and your home cool this summer season!

Close the blinds

Letting the scorching hot sunshine inside your home won’t help keep your home cool this season. Try closing your from late morning until early evening. The simple act alone can keep your room 10-15 degrees cooler! You can also purchase blackout shades and window tint film on your windows to cover your window during the day if closing your blinds makes it too dark. Insulating blinds are also another way to keep the heat from penetrating as much into the house.

Put it up a notch

If you can’t resist using your air conditioner, set the thermostat between 24-27oC or as high as you feel comfortable with. Increasing your thermostat only a notch higher in warm weather can reduce your energy bill by about 10%! Another tip is to upgrade your air conditioner to a higher-energy star rating for more cost-effective usage.

Seal gaps

Make sure to seal gaps around doors and windows, and use draught excluders so cool air can’t escape if you do turn your air conditioner on. It’s also best to close doors to rooms you are not using to save on electricity and keep the cool air where you need it most.

Unplug it

Did you know that everything you plug into a socket produces heat? Unplug all unnecessary appliances or electronics when not in use. Don’t let those little red glowing light indicators that stare at you in the middle of the night fool you into thinking that the appliance isn’t draining energy and producing heat– turning something off is not enough!

Schedule hangouts in the evening

While closing off your home to the world may be a great idea during the day, it’s still best to open your house up in the evening (when it gets cooler) to cool off your home naturally– of course, make sure to lock up overnight! It’s also advisable to cook your meals in the backyard to avoid a steamy kitchen.

Chill out (literally)

Chill yourself out with some icy-cold drinks, or apply a damp cloth to your neck and other pressure points on your body. A cold shower will also cool you off without needing to switch the air conditioner on.

Choose cotton anything

Summer is the perfect time for cotton fabrics as they are super breathable and help cool your body off. Choose light, loose clothing made of cotton and use cotton sheets for your bed as well.

Change your bulbs

Are you having trouble cooling your home and can’t work out why? Your incandescent lightbulbs might be the cause of your inconvenience! Although these lightbulbs have been phased out in some parts of the world, many homes still use them. These lightbulbs produce a lot of heat, so your best bet is to switch to energy-saving bulbs to help cool your home and save on energy costs.

Use your ceiling fans the right way

If you feel like your ceiling fans are pushing the hot air around your home rather than cooling you off, then you’re not using your ceiling fans the right way! Setting your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise in summer to push air straight down helps create a cooling effect– set it on high for best usage.

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