June 4: Your Weekend Home Must-Do’s for June 2021

Time flies fast, and before you know it, the first day of summer will be here! Yes, folks, the memories of the long, cruel winter will all have left our collective consciousness, so let’s utilize the great month of June to fire up that BBQ, soak up some rays, and make sure that our homes are comfortable, beautiful, and functional!

Keep your June weekends busy with mini home projects with the family! If you’re at a loss on how and what to start, here are our weekend home “must-do’s” for the month!

Start watering smart

The scorching temperatures of summer and its scarce rainfall in some regions affects our plants, lawns, and trees as much as it does us. Keep your water bills down and still maintain your green lawn by adapting a smart watering approaching. Water early, evenly, and only as much as your lawn can efficiently absorb. It’s better to give your grass a good soak every three days than a little bit every day. If city ordinances allow, consider a rain barrel.

Keep your garage neat and tidy

Most homeowners look to their car garages as a go-to storage spot for outdoor essentials, and really, anything that doesn’t fit our indoor storages. So, if you’ve been meaning to clear that clutter for the longest time, then June is the perfect month to finally do it! Give your family easy access to your summer tools and essentials by recycling and donating what you don’t need and creating a streamlined storage system for the rest.

Wallpaper it

If you’re itching to give your home a new look without actually spending thousands on a remodeling project, then wallpaper something! Wallpaper is a great way to add color and pattern to any room of the house. It’s also a relatively easy DIY project—provided you follow some basic how-to. Test your skill by covering one wall in a room to serve as an accent. Or, start small by wallpapering the inset panels on a door or cabinet, stair risers, or the back of a bookcase.

Plant something

Start a small vegetable garden for summer! Pick three or four crops you’d like to grow and get the kids involved in caring for them! Even if you’ve got limited space, there are many vegetables like beans, tomatoes, basil, spinach, and salad greens that will grow well in containers.

Keep the pests at bay

Stop those pests from ruining your garden! Wash your plants regularly to dislodge bugs, and make sure to identify the species at work before you choose a treatment for it. Mosquitos thrive in standing water—rinse birdbaths regularly, cleaning occasionally with diluted vinegar. Take a walkabout after a rainstorm to eliminate stagnant pools in flower pots or lawn furniture.

Dress up your porch

June is the perfect time to refresh your porch! Take some time to dress your porch up for the summer and improve your home’s curb appeal in the process. A classic porch swing, an outdoor carpet, planters, and hanging baskets—even draperies and a chandelier—can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary one.

Hold a yard sale

Are you done with clearing your clutter? Make a few bucks out of your unwanted stuff by holding a yard sale! Remember that if you feel like you won’t use it again next year, it’s just right to get rid of it. The first few days before summer is a great time to hold one when the weather isn’t too hot yet. Make sure that your prices are on par with the other yard sales in your area to gain traffic!

Add some outdoor lighting

The June weather will have you grilling out and dining al fresco more than ever– so prepare your deck or patio with some great outdoor lighting! Citronella tiki torches provide a good look to your outdoor setup and prevent mosquitos in the process, but if you prefer a different style, you can try to make your DIY lanterns for a more personalized look.

Build a DIY sandbox for the kids

Give your kids an unforgettable surprise by building a DIY sandbox this June! Though there are plenty of sandboxes you can buy, nothing beats a sturdy and personalized sandbox for your brood– that you worked hard to build! Keep neighborhood cats from making themselves at home in your new sandbox by building a lid while you’re at it.

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Let’s utilize the great month of June🌞 to fire up that BBQ🍢, soak up some rays🥵, and make sure that our homes🏠 are comfortable, beautiful, and functional!👍 If you’re looking👀 to keep your weekends busy, here are our list of home “must-do’s” for this month!💪

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