June 1: Give Your Home a Summer Makeover with these 9 Simple Tips

Most would agree that homes hibernate during cold weather as much as their owners do. But as the seasons change, what seemed cozy and comfortable in winter can suddenly feel dark and oppressive– and while you don’t need a total (and expensive!) home makeover, getting the abode ready for the new season can make it feel lighter and brighter! Yes, folks, summer is almost here, so put on that Beach Boys playlist and turn up the volume– here are nine easy tweaks and to-dos to give your home that summer vibe!

Do a mini-cleaning session

Clutter is your home’s worst enemy. Simply clearing the horizontal surfaces in your house of clutter can already make it feel airy and summer-ready in just a few minutes–totally effortless! Head around your home and do a mini-cleaning session– gather up excess knickknacks in a basket and pick up all that unwanted stuff laying around. A quick to-do list may include:

  • Open up your windows. Do make sure they’re clean and opening smoothly while you let in some fresh air.
  • Store extra pillows and blankets you won’t need until cooler weather.
  • Run a dryer sheet along your baseboards to dust and freshen.
  • Change the linens on the beds to fresh sheets and lighter blankets.
  • Put seasonal stuff in storage.
  • Check your home’s HVAC system to ensure it’s working well before temperatures get too hot.

Change your drapes

Time to pack up those double-duty curtains you’ve been using during the winter months! While these heavy drapes give you the privacy you need and help keep out any drafts, the warmer weather calls for lighter window treatments. Opt for gauzy, sheer curtains that scream summer– these curtains will still give you privacy while allowing light and air circulation inside your home.

Go for natural accessories

Going for a summer look wouldn’t be complete without fun and colorful accessories, and it goes the same for your home. Bringing in natural elements helps lift the tone of your space to make it feel bright and airy. Try using woven baskets for storage or displaying wood elements to change the aura of your abode. Palm-printed pillows and natural-colored throw blankets will also do!

Lighting matters

Change up your home’s lighting to bring the summer vibe in. Colder seasons may make you think of using dimmer lighting, like amber lights or the glow of the fire or a candle, but summer tells a different story. Put bright white bulbs into your fixtures, ditch the candles, and try to bring in as much natural lighting as you can. Have your windows cleaned, and make sure to remove anything that could be blocking light, like large furniture pieces. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, bring in a few mirrors to reflect light and act as interior windows.

Add pops of green

Plants don’t only serve a fresh outlook on decor; they make the air in your home cleaner, too! Bring easy-to-maintain plants inside your home and add pops of green while freshening up your space. Plants like peace lily, snake plant, and succulents require a quick weekly watering but repay you by breathing new life into your home.

Move the furniture around

The way you move inside your home in the winter versus summer will be completely different. While winter nights may mean being cozied up in front of the TV or sleeping in, in the summer, we spend most of our days outside and less time on the couch watching TV. Move your furniture around and get your home ready for summer! Be sure to reposition your furniture according to how your family spends their summertime inside your home to get the most out of your space!

Create an outdoor lounge

If you don’t already have a proper outdoor lounge for the family this Summer, now’s the perfect time to make one! Choose the right size of outdoor space and start putting out key neutral furniture pieces that can function for your needs. Summer is meant to be spent outdoors, so give your family a relaxing space on your patio where you can lounge around and make unforgettable sunny memories.

Change to summery beddings

One of the top chores a homeowner can do to make their rooms more appealing is changing their beddings seasonally. While winter calls for softer, lighter layers, spring/summer is perfect for combed cotton sheets for that luxurious, airy, and satiny feel! Thin blankets are also a treat when you want to leave the ac on the whole night!

Summer scents complete the sunny vibe

Already finished with your makeover, but still feeling like something’s missing? Complete the sunny vibes by freshening up your home with some summer scents! Whether you love the comfort of a candle or you prefer scented oils, summer scents can brighten up your mood — no matter the weather. Look for bright, clean scents like lemon and orange. Or, if you’re more of a floral person, choose summer-ready fragrances like lilac or rose.

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Get your home🏠 out of deep “hibernation”😴 with a fresh Summer☀ makeover! By prepping your home, you can shake out the dust and sluggishness of colder weather❄ and love your space in a bright, new, airy way.💨🌞

We’ll give you 9⃣ easy ways to bring that summer vibes inside your home!😍🏠

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