May 31: 9 Most Popular Types of Homes

Houses come in a full array of styles, and it’s the reason why it’s hard not to find them interesting to look at or dream about. And while owning a home remains the ultimate American dream, choosing the perfect home style for you and your family can become overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer!

Wipe that confused look off your face there, buddy! Here’s a guide to the nine home styles that have remained at the top of the popularity list of homebuyers, so you can figure out which one best suits your needs!


Ranch-style homes may be the most popular type of home in the country, especially for families. These homes are usually one story and derived from the original style of homes built on actual ranches. Nowadays, though, it comes in a wide variety of styles and designs, depending on its homeowner’s taste.


Bungalows focus on the use of natural materials, including stone, wood, and brick. This home-style started popping up after the Arts and Crafts Movement that boomed in Britain from about 1880 to 1920, and you can easily recognize the style due to its telling architectural design with deep front porches and large, squared-off columns made of wood, brick, or stone. Gentle sloping roofs are typical to bungalow homes that are one story, though some homeowners add attic space with a dormer window.


Victorian-style homes hail from the era of Queen Victoria from 1830 to 1910. It is a regal-looking style of home built more out of its looks as opposed to its functionality. It’s also one of the most complex styles of homes and is usually in brighter colors of paint, such as greens, yellows, and pinks, and typically boasts big front porches and lots of ornamental trim. You can’t miss the Victorian’s multi-faceted and very steep rooflines, which is why most people refer to it like a dollhouse.


Contemporary and modern are often interchange with kind of home style. Typically, contemporary homes are built with a look of today’s building styles and use energy-efficient materials and products. Either way, modern or contemporary style homes try to bring some of the outsides in, using larger windows for lots of natural light. Its architecture is also often detailed with neat, clean lines and sustainable materials.


Colonial homes, arguably, have the most beautiful architecture. These homes span back to the 1600s and are often associated with early American settlers. It is recognized through its windows and shutters equally spanned across the face of the house. A colonial home will most likely have dormers and a chimney along the roofline, as well as columns at the front door. It is a very formal style of home that has been popular since it originated.

English Tudor

As you probably guessed from its name, English Tudors come from England and are best known for their multi-gabled roofs and steep roofs, but their decorative half-timber framings make them stand out the most. English Tudor-styled homes are found in the Midwest and along the East Coast, where steep roofs are needed due to the cold and harsh weather that can create snow and rain.

Log homes

Log homes originated from small cabins, usually built as one-room structures without any nails. Nevertheless, these homes have evolved quite a bit over the years. While log homes are often thought of as little cozy getaways by many, they are also built as permanent homes. You may think log homes will best fit in rural or mountainous areas, but in reality, you can construct them just about anywhere, though the type of wood to use will vary depending on the climate they will be built in.


The concept of Mediterranean homes was from the old Hacienda-style hailing from Mediterranean countries, and their characteristics are typically the same from home to home. These homes boast red-tiled roofs and plastered surfaces, and you will also find the use of lots of arches throughout, as well as balconies on either side of the home. Mediterranean houses possess tons of ornamental details, such as multicolored tiles on walls, floors, and wet areas. This style of home is sought after in southern counties of the US.

Tiny homes

Tiny homes have boomed over the past years, intended for people who want to adopt the minimalist lifestyle. They can be constructed with several different materials and range in square footage, although many are in the 30-60 sq. ft range. Due to their small size, amenities will vary, from kitchen appliances to the type of bathroom facilities installed in these tiny homes. Meanwhile, storage space is often built in unusual places, and if your lifestyle is on the go, you can get your small home designed on wheels, so you don’t have to stay put in one place.

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Houses 🏘come in a full array of styles, and if you’re a first-time homebuyer🤔, you can surely get lost with all the viable options available!😕🥴

Wipe that confused look off your face, buddy!👍 Here’s a guide to the 9⃣ home styles that have remained at the top⬆ of the popularity list of homebuyers💹, so you can figure out which one best suits your needs!😍

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