May 28: 9 Socially-Distanced Activities for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend marks the first long weekend of the summer season, and it’s traditionally filled with barbecues, outdoor activities, and social gatherings with the whole neighborhood. Nevertheless, it’s also a very somber holiday reflecting the courageous hearts of our nation’s fallen heroes. Unfortunately, last year as well as this year’s celebrations, stand out from the previous ones we’ve come to know and love, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, folks, the saga isn’t over, as most of us will have to alter our typical Memorial Day weekend plans to adhere to the social distancing guidelines in place.

Are you running out of ideas on how you can honor the fallen while adhering to the CDC guidelines and social-distancing best practices? Have no fear– our guide is here! Here are some fun ways to enjoy your Memorial Day weekend even while helping stop the spread of COVID-19!

Have a Socially-Distanced Walk Through your Local Veteran’s Cemetery

Most states will have national veterans cemeteries you can visit to honor the fallen. Check-in with your local veterans’ cemeteries for any COVID-19 update you should consider when planning a socially distant visit. It’ll be a meaningful activity for the whole family for sure.

Find a Virtual Memorial Day Walk or Running Race You Can Participate In

Like most of the recent events we’ve had, many Memorial Day weekend races have gone virtual to adhere to the call for social distancing. Check out any virtual race happening in your local community and sign up to honor the fallen. We bet you’ll have tons of choices, from 5Ks to half marathons!

Mix Up Your Fave Summery Cocktail

Aside from honoring the fallen, Memorial Day weekend also signals the start of Summer, so pour the best parts of our favorite sunny season into a glass by mixing up a cocktail at home! Let the festive beverages flow, and try your hand at making your favorite frozen drinks, even if it’s just a simple White Claw Slushie! Drink up and feel like summer really has arrived!

Bring That Barbecue Inside!

If you have a grill in your backyard that you’re itching to use, by all means, break it out this Memorial Day weekend! If you’re quarantining inside your homes or don’t have yards attached to them where a grill could conceivably go, consider recipes that will guide you through making cook-out staples in the kitchen. In any case, there will be tons of recipes out there that will allow you to improvise Memorial Day traditional dishes.

Watch a U.S Military-themed Movie

There are hundreds of movies about life in the U.S military to choose from for your couch potato date with the family this Memorial Day weekend! From movies about World War II to memoirs of Vietnam, spend some time on Memorial Day Weekend 2021 watching a film that pays tribute to the servicemen and women who have sacrificed for the nation.

A Date with Nature

If you’re getting tired of being stuck at home and not having it this Memorial Day weekend, get outside and connect with nature! Chill in the sunshine or take time with Mother Nature and start a garden with summer fruits and vegetables. You can also check out your local parks, hiking trails, or campsites for a family date outdoors– with a mask on, of course

Start A Memorial Day Craft Session with the Kids

Gather your kids and start a Memorial Day craft session to keep them busy! You can create a patriotic-inspired mural or just write out a simple thank you to local veterans using sidewalk chalk (if you’re feeling a little extra!).

Brush Up on American History

If there was a right time to brush up on your American history knowledge, it’s now. Before diving into your family’s Memorial Day activities, refresh your memory about why we celebrate Memorial Day and how it differs from Veteran’s Day. It may not be the most interesting activity out there, but it’ll be a meaningful one for sure!

Put Together Care Packages for Soldiers

Get the kids involved in putting together special care packages for our soldiers! They can donate their Beanie Babies to kids in combat zones or sew specialties to keep troops cool during the hot summer months. You can also host a neighborhood drive to collect toiletries for soldiers as a family for a more memorable Memorial Day weekend.

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