May 20: The World’s Top 9 Best Hospitals

The events of the past year (a.k.a COVID-19) made clear that our lives and those of our loved ones may heavily depend on the kind of health care we can access. And while we always hope and pray that no one will need to seek care or visit a friend or family member in any hospital, knowing which healthcare facilities stand out for their consistent excellence, top-notch nursing care, and state-of-the-art technology allows us to have the confidence to make a critical choice about medical care.

Find below a list of the nine top hospitals in the world this 2021. Use this information as an advantage for you and your loved ones, should the need arise.

Mayo Clinic (USA)

Topping the list is Mayo Clinic, located in the heart of Rochester city in the US, which has been safely caring for patients from around the world for more than 100 years. The healthcare facility is a non-profit organization with around 65,000 employees and boasts a $14 billion annual revenue.

Cleveland Clinic (USA)

Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit medical center in Cleveland city in the US. With more than 67,500 employees, the famous clinic receives almost 6 million patients year-round at 200 locations.

Massachusetts General Hospital (USA)

Third on the list is Massachusetts General Hospital, the largest teaching hospital of the Harvard Medical School, located in Massachusetts, USA. One of the largest hospitals in the country. Massachusetts General Hospital allots more than $1 billion for its research operations, making it one of the most sought-after hospitals in the world.

Toronto General – University Health Network (Canada)

University Health Network is a research and teaching hospital located in Toronto, Canada. The hospital is a result of a merger between Toronto General Hospital and Toronto Western Hospital in 1986, forming one of the largest research health research organizations and teaching hospitals in all of Canada.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital (USA)

The Johns Hopkins Hospital is a biomedical research and teaching hospital founded by Johns Hopkins in 1889. Located in Maryland, USA, the non-profitable hospital is considered the founding institution of the modern birthplace of medical traditions. It boasts numerous medical facilities and around 2,413 full-time attending physicians, making it one of the most widely recognizable and best hospitals in the world.

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Germany)

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, located in Berlin, Germany, is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe, founded in 1710 after King Frederick I of Prussia’s order. This university hospital is affiliated with Humboldt University and Free University Berlin and has a record of treating patients from more than 144 countries. Many Nobel Prize winners in Physiology and medicine have worked in this hospital, including Emil von Behring, Robert Koch, and Paul Erlich.

Universitätsspital Zürich (Sweden)

The University Hospital of Zürich is one of the oldest hospitals in the world, recorded as having existed before 1204. Located in Züriche, Switzerland, the teaching hospital boats numerous remarkable research done in its facilities by scientists and physicians, with the list including Ferdinand Sauerbruch, Andreas Grubtzig, and Rolf M. Zinkernagel, who have later gone on to receive Nobel Prizes. It is currently the 7th best hospital in the world.

Singapore General Hospital (Singapore)

The Singapore General Hospital is a tertiary referral hospital located in Bukit Merah, Singapore. It is the largest and oldest hospital in the country and is affiliated with Duke-NUS Medical School. It is comprised of four major specialty centers, Singapore National Eye Centre(SNEC), the National Dental Dental Centre Singapore(NDCS), the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), and the National Heart Centre Singapore(NHCS), making the teaching hospital one of the most popular and sought-after healthcare facilities in the world.

Sheba Medical Center (Israel)

Sheba Medical Center is the largest hospital in Israel, which opened in 1948. Located in Tel Hashomer, Ramat Gan, Israel, this hospital has 120 operating departments and clinics and more than 7,300 employees. Among them are 1,400 physicians, 2,600 nurses, and 3,300 other healthcare workers. Currently, it is the 9th best hospital in the world.

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While we always hope and pray🙏 that no one will need to seek care or visit a friend or family member👩‍🦳👶 in any hospital, the events of the past year (a.k.a COVID-19) made clear that our lives and those of our loved ones may heavily depend on the kind of health care🏥 we can access.✔

Check out the world’s🌍 nine top hospitals this 2021, and feel confident as you make a critical choice🤯 about medical care👩‍⚕ for yourself and your loved ones.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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