May 14: The Ultimate Guide for A Perfect Backyard Camping this Weekend

Camping is a fun adventure to do during dry seasons, and kids love the novelty of it– sleeping bags, sleeping under the stars, hearing nighttime sounds, doing flashlight shadows, and eating s’mores! The thing is, not everyone has the time or money to spend on an official campground, so setting up camp right in your own backyard may be the next best thing!

Maybe you’re already a backyard camping pro, or you may be someone who’s always wanted to try it– whatever the case, here’s the ultimate guide for a perfect backyard camping that will really take your event to the next level this weekend!

Bring the comforts of your home to camp

While it’s true that you’re only a few steps away from your abode, this tip is important, particularly if you’re backyard camping with young kids or first-timers. Remember that the outdoors can be intimidating, filled with unrecognizable sounds and darkness, so make sure the kids get to bring a few favorite stuffed animals and blankets to sleep with. Take a nightlight or lantern with you if your kids prefer to sleep with a light on, and bring anything that’ll make your kids feel less anxious ahead of time to avoid tons of trips back and forth.

Don’t forget the essentials

Most people know that you’ll really only need to bring the essentials when backyard camping. Don’t get bogged down in minutia BUT don’t forget necessities like sunblock or bug spray, even if you’re only in the backyard! Excess baggage like an extra set of clothes, toiletries, personal items, specialized camping gear, and accessories aren’t necessary to bring. If you DO discover that you need any of these, you can always run back inside for them.

Plan fun activities

Keep the kids entertained throughout by planning lots of fun activities ahead of time. Make sure you’ve got ideas for before dinner and after, exciting games to do in the dark, and an eventful to-do list for the camping day itself. Toddlers and young kids are the most difficult team players, so make sure to think of things to do that are suitable and interesting for their age.

Set up the camp together

The fun part of camping is setting everything up, and it’ll be a good idea to have the kids involved from start to finish. Let the kids help pick a spot for every station– tents, fire, eating, crafts, games. Let them put up the tent with guidance, gather wood for the fire and all the fire necessities by the campfire spot, set out the cooler and picnic blanket, etc. They can also fill the tent with their sleeping bags and other items and set up their beds.

Mix in a neighborhood hike

Encourage a love for nature by starting your camping session with a neighborhood hike. You can challenge them to try identifying different types of trees you come across, check things out through binoculars, catch a frog or two, or look for unique bugs under rocks! Consider keeping a list or taking photos of all the natural treasures you find!

Make fire for added authenticity

A camping “trip” is never complete without a fire– it’s an unspoken rule! If you live in a country or rural area, this shouldn’t be an issue as long as you follow fire safety rules. A fire pit or something of the like is a fun way to cook all your food during campout– campfire dinners, lunches, and sweet treats to keep everyone happy! However, if a full campfire isn’t an option for you, consider creating a “mini fire pit.” And if you’re still concerned about having fire around your little ones, you could DIY an awesome no-fire campfire out of felt or paper!

Put out the glow sticks

If you haven’t noticed it yet, KIDS LOVE GLOW IN THE DARK TOYS! Not only will they have the time of their lives playing with glow sticks and making crowns and accessories, but it’ll also help them avoid being afraid of the dark!

Forgo the curfew for camp night

Some kids (and parents!) thrive on following a schedule, but just for this camp night, consider forgoing bedtime! Kids will likely not easily fall asleep while lying in close quarters with the excitement of camping outside anyway. Instead of getting irritated and enforcing a “quiet/no talking” rule, let the kids giggle and wear themselves out. They’ll get tired eventually, and no doubt they’ll remember the fun of staying up late for a long time to come! Who knows, you might be happy when you overhear some of the secrets they share!

Invest in an Easy Up Tent

Investing in a simple tent that’s easy to set up and takes minimal time is a good idea if you love going on short camping trips, doing overnight camps in the backyard, or love letting the kids help out. An Easy Up Tent is just the gem that you’ll need for a comfy backyard camping without the fuss.

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Camping⛺ is a fun adventure to do during dry seasons☀, and it’s also a great way to bond with your kids outdoors!👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 But, if you don’t have the time⏲ or money💵 to spend on an official campground, setting up camp right in your own backyard may be the next best thing!🥰

Check out our ultimate guide🗒 for the PERFECT backyard camping💯 you can set up this weekend!👍

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