May 11: 9 Essential Home Safety and Security Features

Most homeowners think that a fire, break-in, or other emergencies are highly unlikely to strike their homes, but brushing off the possibility could be the worse thing that you can do–for your family and your home.

Make sure that you come prepared for anything by outfitting your home with these nine safety essentials you may not have– or realize that you need. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Smart Lock

Get those ordinary deadbolts off your door and replace them with smart locks! By getting a door lock with newer technology, you no longer need to worry about where your keys are or hiding them under the doormat for unwanted visitors to find. You’ll also have access to control your home using a smartphone app wherever you are. Some smart locks also have alert features to tell you if your door is open or closed for additional peace of mind.

First Aid Kit

Though this essential may seem obvious, some homeowners forget to keep a packed first aid kit on hand for accidents and emergencies inside the house. Pick up a prepackaged first-aid kit set or create a customized one for the family. Just make sure that you have all the basics complete, like alcohol swabs, a whistle, and a CPR breathing mask, and the like.

Safety Ladder

Although we all wish to never have to endure the damage and loss of life that a house fire can cause, it’s still a smart move to be prepared for one. Should the unthinkable happen, having an emergency ladder could be the one thing that could save your family’s life. Consider a multistory model and stashing it in an accessible location, so you and the whole family can quickly and safely escape your home in the event of a fire.

Motion Detector Lights

Installing motion-sensor lights is a great defense against nighttime intruders. These energy-conscious fixtures will shine a light on would-be burglars and deter those who prefer to do their devious deeds in the dark. Install these near entryways and let these motion-sensor lights provide a safe passage for anyone arriving home after dark as well.

Fireproof Safe

Purchasing a home safe can come in handy for safeguarding valuable items like family heirlooms, checkbooks, passports, among other things. Keeping your safe cleverly hidden can save your possessions from being stolen in the event of a break-in, and a fireproof and waterproof model can protect your valuables from the devastating effects of a fire.

Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers may not be the most attractive addition to your home, but this essential safety item may be the one thing that could save your life. Place it in an accessible area so you can quickly and effectively put out or tame the flames as your family escapes to safety.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Keep the whole family safe from Carbon Monoxide inhalation with a Carbon Monoxide detector! Plug it into any outlet and place them in strategic parts of your home.

Emergency Radio

Losing power means losing touch with the rest of the world, but with an emergency radio, you can avoid this unfortunate scenario with just three AAA batteries or sunlight! Once the radio is running, you can set it to broadcast local weather alerts and still have enough juice to recharge your phone. And should you forget your candles and matches as you run to the basement for shelter, a phone-charging radio unit can also serve as a LED flashlight!

Candles, Matches, and Lighters

These three are basic home safety and security essentials, and you don’t even have to spend much to have these available at home! Keep all your candles, matches, and lighters at an accessible spot and stay worry-free in the event of a power outage at night.

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Brushing off the possibility of a fire🔥, break-in😈, or other emergencies🏥 striking your home🏠 could be the worse thing that you can do🙅‍♀️–for your family and house.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Be prepared for anything💯 by outfitting your home🏠 with these 9⃣ safety essentials and keep your home a haven for you and your family!😍👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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